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Unsure? Here is what our clients say

My job requires lots car travel, sitting at a desk, and staying in hotels, I needed a program to regain flexibility and strengthening needed for life in general and to play golf at the level I want. Hearing about Par4 Success for several weeks on ITR PGA Tour radio, then following surgery I chose P4P to guide me through this process. Being 2 weeks in I feel significant progress is being made with interactive coaching and support by the P4P team!

Bill Railsback

I have not been able to play golf for close to 2 years because of lower back pain. Additional my flexibility has been greatly reduced over the last few years. After starting the program, I have seen great progress in a reduction of lower back pain as well as increased flexibility. I would highly recommend par4success for anyone with back issues and understanding the relationship of body flexibility and how it improves your back, golf swing, and your overall health

Wayne Gregory

Within a week of starting with Par4 my shoulder and hip pain was minimal each morning. Prior to starting with Par4 I dreaded getting out of bed each day because of the amount of pain I had just getting down to get coffee and get joints moving. I also confirmed my overall LACK of mobility in the initial testing and have bought in wholeheartedly to this process. Feeling better and being injury free is my goal.

Jeff Nygaard

Par4Success has been a superb addition to my off-season training program. The app is excellent as a place to view my workouts and to communicate with my trainer Tyler. Monthly face-to-face check-ins are great and helpful for a clarification of any questions I have on technique. I am getting stronger, and can't wait to see how much my play improves this season!

Heather Smuin

I'm in week 4 of their remote program. It's having great results so far, plus it's fun! The app with videos, coaching (from Tyler in my case), messages, updating exercises etc. are an innovative and effective approach.

Klein Merriman

7 workouts in and really enjoying a different kind of workout focusing on things I have never done. My Body is feeling really good! Feel like range of motion is improving. Wanted to feel better and play better golf. Just started playing this year but feeling awesome. Like most muscles I always neglect are getting some Love. My coach Alex seems very good too.

Dan Jones

So far so good! As I've progressed, I've been impressed with the entire setup: the app works great, Alexis and Chris were really responsive initially, and my trainer Josh has been exceptionally available - answering questions, clarifying exercises, etc. via messaging or on the phone. Overall, I can feel my physical capacity and mobility changing, so I am excited to see where I am at the end of 10 weeks.

Kelly Davis

I have been performing the prescribed workouts now for about 3 weeks and can already see a change in my mobility and strength. I move better and wake up with less joint pain. Coach Bailey has been great to work with, he is very knowledgeable and willing to assist me on my journey to fitness in any way he can. I would recommend Par4Success to anyone looking to improve their fitness.

Tyler Lawson

Par 4 Success is my first online Therapy for playing golf the best I can be and be pain free my coach Brianna is there for me If I have any questions about my mobility exercises. And I have experience already half way through my training some added distance in hitting the golf ball ! By the way this is coming from a 74 yr. old and a cancer survivor 5 yrs, who loves the game of golf !

Enrique Hernandez

In a short period of time, while working with Josh at Par4Success, I have realized both increased flexibility and core strength. Even though there is several inches of snow on the ground, currently, in Indiana, I can hardly wait to get out to the course. I VERY highly recommend their program!

Mark Rutledge

I’ve been doing the workouts for two weeks. My body feels better. I’m not sore after a round of golf. On the course, I feel more limber and can swing freer. Had my best round in months yesterday.

John Ribilotta

I would highly recommend this facility. I have learned so much and have seen early results. If you follow their instructions you will see results. So glad I found this place

Valerie Yoffe

Bailey is a great coach, he looks at what we as clients need, as well as our capabilities. I was a slightly different use case than Par4Success typically works with, but they are handling my case beautifully. I am a long drive competitor, and a golfer and a coach. I needed more flexibility and more core strength. They teach and preach gaining power through elongating the muscles and increasing flexibility. I am seeing great results in the first 3 weeks.

Rick Mellendick

So far so good. The workouts and stretches make a lot of sense when it comes to strength and mobility for golf. Josh has been very helpful and quick to respond to my many questions. I can already see improvements in my range of motion after 2 weeks and I look forward to the next 7 or 8. Thanks everyone and I would definitely recommend to anyone especially if you are looking for that extra something

Andrew Bragagnolo

Wonderful experience from the start, beginning with initial call and discussion with Chris (founder) to be sure the approach and philosophy behind what Par4Success is doing is very clear and a good fit. Then, one-on-one with coach (Matty is my coach) to analyze initial evaluation of fitness and setting up a structured set of exercises going forward. I have seen results in just a few weeks and looking forward to longer term benefits.

Gary Freburger

I was injured in a bad accident 3 years ago. I went through 8 months of PT, continued to workout every day just so I could keep moving. I heard about Par4Success on the Breed show and thought I would try the at home assessment, didn’t pass a single one. Started my training with couch Bailey in February. At that time I had a swing speed of 90, couldn’t reach down to get my ball out of the hole. As of 7 weeks training I have gained 7lbs,way more mobility, I,can get my ball out of the hole and my swing speed is at 105. I highly recommend Par4Success to anyone who what’s a full body makeover.

Jay Wilson

Par4 Success has, incredibly, turned back the clock on my mobility, strength (in the right places) and my golf game. Flexibility is something I thought I could never get back and now off the charts good. I'm hitting it as far as I was 20 years ago and I'm back down to a 2.8 hdcp. Great results for 1 hour, 3 days a week!

Fraser Van Asch

The best decision I have made on my golf journey! I just started playing a few years ago and hit a major stopping point due to my mobility. John Webber has been an awesome trainer and I see the difference in my flexibility and swing. I really enjoy the YouTube channel and email updates. I would highly recommend this for any golfer looking to improve their game with physical therapy.

Justin Winslow

Par4success has the virtual workout regimen dialed in folks. From the assessment to the BridgeTracker app it’s all first class. Simple to use and the communication with my coach Briana is easily done through the app. Briana is a certified trainer and a PGA pro so she really has a great sense of matching up what’s needed with my exercises in order to improve my move. Added value too as she took it a step further and talked with my PGA teacher so everyone is on the same page. The customized plan makes me feel like one of those touring pros you see in their workout vids. Don’t be fooled though. Ya gotta put in the work. 2 weeks in and my mobility is already improving. Thanks!

James Barr

Par4Success has been a refreshing way to help improve my health generally and my golf game specifically. The staff are very knowledgeable and incredibly friendly and helpful. Hoping to continually improve.

Joseph Becker

I am a 54 year old dentist that loves golf. I experienced frequent lower back pain and stiffness prior to starting your program. Most of the pain was job-related. I am in my fifth month now and have zero back issues. My golf game has improved due to my increased mobility and strength thanks to the program. You have improved my life, not just my golf game. Special thanks to my coach, Josh, who motivates me to do the work everyday. Thank you Par4Success!

Stephen Langan

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