The Difference of 13

Hosted by Founder Chris Finn and Director of Operations Teri Stern,  The Difference of 13 podcast is all about doing things differently to make a difference.   Covering fitness, healthcare, business, wellness, and more, they shed light on how people and businesses are doing things differently to make a difference.

Chris and Teri, who have a 13 inch height difference (among many others!), highlight success stories, not-so-successful stories, and give advice based on their diverse backgrounds from their corner desks (literally stuck in the corner) at Par4Success.

Episode 1 – Overall Wellness and Teri’s Story (Audio)  –   (YouTube Show)

Episode 2 – Worst Strength Training Advice and Chris’s Story (Audio)  –  (YouTube Show)

Episode 3 – Staying Healthy When on the Go (Audio)(YouTube Show)

Episode 4 – Fire and Ice Treatment (Audio)(YouTube Show)

"My swing speed has increased and I am now able to hit it farther. I have a stronger core, much more flexibility and feel great, all thanks to Par4Success."

Richard Davis (Governors Club, Old Chatham Golf Club)