The Difference of 13

The Difference of 13

Hosted by Founder Chris Finn and Director of Operations Teri Stern,  The Difference of 13 podcast is all about doing things differently to make a difference.  Chris and Teri bring to light what is really under the hood of the healthcare system and wellness in general from their first hand experience and their guests.

In order to win in the healthcare game you need to do it different from the masses…they tell you when and where those times exist.

We know you’re busy, have bills to pay and healthcare is crazy expensive. Spend 20-30 minutes with us (listen at 1.5x is you have to!) and we guarantee you will learn a something you can leverage to live happier, healthier and probably with some more cash in your pocket!

Chris and Teri, who have a 13 inch height difference (among many other differences!), highlight success stories, not-so-successful stories, and give advice based on their diverse backgrounds from their corner desks (literally stuck in the corner) at Par4Success!

They have 15 surgeries (including open heart surgery!) between the two of them and over a decade of experience working in the healthcare field.  They know healthcare and wellness inside and out from both sides…give it a listen and you might learn something…or at least be entertained!

Episode 24 – How to Fix Hip Pain – It Can Be A Pain In The @$$(YouTube Show)

Episode 23 – Dr. Eric Westman – Is Keto Safe? (YouTubeShow)

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Episode 20 – Physical Therapy is cheaper if you DON’T USE your insurance when… (YouTube Show)

Episode 19 – Back Pain – Who NOT to see and how to fix it yourself(YouTube Show) 

Episode 18 –  Shoulder Pain – Keys to a Quick Recovery(YouTube Show)

Episode 17 – What Your PT Actually Was Taught in School fr. Bobby Prengle, DPT (YouTube Show)

Episode 16 – The Art of Slowing Down ft. Kim Forrester – (YouTube Show)

Episode 15 – Leveraging Employee Health to Grow Your Business(YouTube Show)

Episode 14 – Just Keep Swimming: Educating Yourself on Healthcare Providers and Costs (Audio)(YouTube Show)

Episode 13 – Continued Education: Finding the Right Healthcare Provider for You (Audio)(YouTube Show)

Episode 12 – Ace the Interview (The 5 P’s) (Audio)(YouTube Show)

Episode 11 – Broad Spectrum Dieting: A Dietician’s Perspective ft. Sarah Boesch (Audio)(YouTube Show)

Episode 10 – I Will Survive ft. Josh Perry (Audio)(YouTube Show)

Episode 9 – Trying New Things (Audio)(YouTube Show)

Episode 8 – Mind Over Matter ft. Alex Cassella (Audio)(YouTube Show)

Episode 7 – Dare to Defy Insurance ft. Ted Graham (Audio)(YouTube Show)

Episode 6 – Time Management ft. Cissi Denton (Audio)(YouTube Show)

Episode 5 – Habit Change and Communication (Audio)(YouTube Show)

Episode 4 – Fire and Ice Treatment (Audio)(YouTube Show)

Episode 3 – Staying Healthy When on the Go (Audio)(YouTube Show)

Episode 2 – Worst Strength Training Advice and Chris’s Story (Audio) – (YouTube Show)

Episode 1 – Overall Wellness and Teri’s Story (Audio) – (YouTube Show)