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Daily Habits for Better Golf

Everywhere we see ads promoting X, Y and Z that promise us better scores and a happier life. Having the right equipment and tools to improve are absolutely important but it can become easy to forget the simple things that can have the biggest impact on our game and our lives overall. We can simplify these down to three things that if we spend a little more time considering could have a tremendous impact on our health and ultimately our scores on the course. We don’t want to miss the opportunities that come from what we do, what we consume and how we sleep.

Physical Activity Matters for Golf Performance

This is everything we do with our bodies. Our bodies will adapt to what we do with them and they will adapt to exercise and sitting on the couch all the same. If we expect our bodies to perform we must get used to performing. This doesn’t mean we have to train like Olympic athletes in order to be proficient golfers. It does mean that the more we use our bodies in intentional ways the more likely we will be to perform at an above average level.

What We Consume Impacts Our Golf Game

This is what we eat, what we drink and what we consume with our eyes. What we consume is going to have a major impact on our health, for better or worse. The more our diets consist of whole foods (stuff that comes from the earth) instead of processed food the better off our bodies and brains will be. The more water we drink instead of soda or beer the better off our bodies will be. The less time we spend scrolling on our phones or staring at the TV the better off our brains and importantly our focus and attention spans will be. Having enjoyment in our lives is important and we shouldn’t have to cut anything we enjoy out of our lives forever. It’s a small change to becoming more mindful of what we consume on a daily basis that will have a positive impact on your health and your ability to improve your game.

How Sleep Impacts Golf Performance

When we’re thinking about improving our golf game, our first thought should be to make sure we’re doing the right things in our day to day lives to be healthy and perform well. We can discuss supplements and fancy products later but we need to make sure we aren’t missing these opportunities first. If we take our health as seriously as we do our golf, we could see major positive impacts in the way we’re able to play the game we love.

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