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Science & Business of Golf Performance

In addition to your weekend course, registration fee also includes:

  • 6 week follow up call to see how you are doing implementing what learned

Why You Need This Now

Especially with all the disruption going on in the world, if it wasn’t hard to break into this space already and be successful, it is harder now than ever.

That being said, we are going to give you the skills you need to successful in any environment, especially this one.

Our average attendee makes their investment back in less than 8 weeks from attending the course.

The best results we have heard is one attendee making TRIPLE his money back in ONE WEEK!

You have the skills to get golfers better and we have the skills of getting them in front of you.

If you don’t have golfers in front of you, paying you to help them, it doesn’t matter how good your training or clinical skills are.

We want you to be the successful golf performance professional you know you can be!

Who This is For: All Fitness and Medical professionals currently/wanting to work with golfers

Science and Business of Golf Performance centers around developing your own closed loop system specifically for golf that you can implement into your business when you return home day one.  The system that you will learn is a critical one that ties your client and your business closely together.

If you don’t get your client better, your business won’t grow.

If you can’t close a prospective client, you wont get a chance to help them…you’re business won’t grow.

If you can’t get leads, you won’t have prospective clients…your business won’t grow.

We make sure you crush all three of these hurdles.

We will also take your through our entire evaluation process (including sales process) and discuss the integrated data approach to help clients (and you) better understand where they are and where they should be based on their age, abilities and injury history.


In our opinion, no continuing education is worth spending money on it if it does not enhance your ability to make money in an honest and transparent way.  There are way to many talented clinicians out there who could be making double if they knew how.  You will receive over 12 hours of education and active work in this critical area.

With that in mind, we will cover in depth and golf niche specific strategies for current business integration, new business creation, marketing, strategic partner strategies, pricing and growing your brand.  We have built Par4Success from the ground up without having the benefit of a famous Professional Golfer to tie our name probably like where you are right now (although at this point we work with over 20).  We have been where you are and want to save you the time and money we lost figuring it out ourselves.

One weekend is not enough time to cover everything in depth, but you will leave with a better understanding of finances, brand building, marketing, sales, automation systems and much more!  These are the same systems we have used to build Par4Success.

Class Interaction

Each class is done 100% live with real time interaction with the presentators just as if you were in a small group meeting.  We answer all your questions related to your specific business!



8am – 6pm

How to Get in with a Golf Professional

Sales Process Development

Handling Objections

Guerilla Marketing

Basics of Email Marketing

Lead Magnet Creation

Basic Financials

5 Killer Sales Propositions

Ideal Client Identification


8am – 4pm

Key Skills to be Successful with Golfers

Technology Needs vs Wants ROI

Digital Marketing


Systems and Operations for Growth

Building a Team

Considerations for Leadership and more..

Regular Registration - $995
3 Payment Option - $395/mo