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Clear Through Your Hips with This Exercise

Can you Clear Through?

The major technical issue that I hear from golfers the most is that they are lacking the ability to clear their hips. They lack that rotation through their hips to be able to get their sequencing in order and create appropriate lag in their swing.

I have found this the most common mobility flaw among almost 90% of golfers ages 45 and older.  The one thing these golfers all have in common is that their hips are weak and completely locked up.  

Hip Mobility 

The first area which to assess in this issue is a golfer’s hip internal rotation.  To be able to fully rotate over the lead leg hip internal rotation must be able to get to 45 degrees or greater.  

To see if you have the hip rotation necessary to clear your hips, check out the home assessment attached below.

Adult/Senior Home Golf Fitness Assessment

If you’re not able to achieve the 45 degrees required, it simply means that your muscles in control hip internal rotation (TFL, Glute Med and Adductors) are too weak to overcome the movement limitation.

Strength To Clear Through 

One exercise that is a “go to” for unlocking the hips and achieving full rotation is the Butt Burner.  This exercise is exactly as it sounds.  All you need is a medium resistance mini band and about ten feet of walking room.

This exercise specifically targets your Gluteus Medius and it trains them to turn on appropriately.  It also provides a good amount of resistance to strengthen the muscle group too.

Hip Activation 

One major limitation to poor hip mobility is an inefficient activation pattern.  A great example of this is a dimmer light switch.  Poor hip mobility is a result of the muscles that control hip internal rotation either not turning on at all, or they’re at the softest dim setting on the switch.

Exercises like Butt Burners train your neuromuscular system to go from a very soft dim setting to the brightest and most efficient possible.  That way, your Glute Med will have the right strength to be able to clear through.

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