Training Mistakes Juniors Make

It was once thought that lifting at a young age was a bad idea. People were led to believe that lifting too early was dangerous, could stunt growth, cause injury, etc. Now, we know that beginning a strength training regimen at a young age can be wildly beneficial. Despite the fact that it is unlikely, […]

Mindfulness: A Secret Weapon on The Golf Course?

Golf is a game of inches and any extra edge we can gain can have a huge impact on our scores and overall enjoyment of the game. We always talk about the things we can do physically to gain the edge- but what about the mental side of the game? Today, we’re going to talk […]

Desk Jobs: The Silent Killer Of Your Golf Game

We all know that sitting isn’t the best for us. Poor posture can be uncomfortable, even painful, but how can it bleed into our golf game? What Happens To Our Bodies When We Sit? When we sit for long periods, changes happen in the way our muscles fire, stretch and work to support our structure […]

Tips for Supporting Mental Success in Junior Golfers

Golf, being played as much between the ears as on the course, requires a holistic approach for the development of junior golfers. It’s crucial to consider not only the physical aspects but also the mental facets of the game. Here are some tips, gleaned from collective experience, to guide parents and coaches in supporting the mental growth of […]

Daily Habits for Better Golf

Everywhere we see ads promoting X, Y and Z that promise us better scores and a happier life. Having the right equipment and tools to improve are absolutely important but it can become easy to forget the simple things that can have the biggest impact on our game and our lives overall. We can simplify […]

This Is Why You Get Fatigued While Golfing

The fatigue you feel during a round can put a damper on your distance and consistency. The good news is, there is a lot that can be done to help us feel fresher throughout a round and keep our level of play high. Why Do I Get Tired Early in a Round of Golf? This […]

Why Does My Lower Back Hurt From Golf?

Low back pain is the most common ailment that we see among golfers and a big reason for seeing declines in performance over the years. Feeling pain as we play can take us out of the game mentally and make us more cautious when we swing. If this is something you experience, you are not […]

How Important Is Hydration For Golf?

Staying hydrated on the golf course is crucial to our performance both mentally and physically. Being properly hydrated can give us an edge over the competition and also help us to feel better during and after a round. Get The Most Out Of Your Game! The two major components of hydration are water and electrolytes. […]

Setting Junior Golfers Up For Success

Junior golf is a pivotal phase in a young golfer’s journey brimming with enjoyment, possibility, and opportunity. It offers an exceptional chance to prepare for the future and establish lasting positive habits that develop both mind and body. By nurturing positive habits and fostering their love for the game at this stage we can provide […]

Ankle Pain While Playing Golf?

Do you have ankle pain while playing golf? Are you recovering from an ankle injury? Would you like to be able to golf and walk without ankle pain? Are Ankle Injuries Common? Ankle injuries from golfing is not a common area for the golfer to experience. However, the repetitive movements and rotation involved in golfing […]

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