Working from Home with Low Back Pain? Don’t Fear! Here’s what to do.

As we move through these unprecedented times, we’re faced with new issues every day. These teething problems may include installing a hand-wash timer in the bathroom, packing the dishwasher more often, or planning meals further in advance than you normally would. One other problem that may not have caught your attention yet is back health. […]

The Hidden Causes of Sciatica

As a physical therapist, I can honestly say that there are few words as frequently said in my field as ‘sciatica’. So, then, isn’t it odd how such an every-day ailment can be so shrouded in mystery for most people? In fact, do you really know what it is? Sciatica is actually one of the […]

How Staying Active and Mobile Can Prevent Injuries Down the Line

The last few months have really been life changing: from increased time with close family, to frequent frozen pizzas and Netflix binges. We’ve all witnessed the world around us changing at an alarming pace and, if we’re brutally honest, most of us have been doing so from the comfort of our sofas. No blame, just […]

The Importance of Core Strength

What do you think about when I say the following: “Core Strength”? It’s natural to think of your core as just your abdominal muscles – surfer ‘6 packs’ and ‘washboard abs’. It’s natural to want that, too! But, what if I told you that core strength is something entirely different? What if it isn’t about […]

6 Reasons Why Your Previous Physical Therapy Didn’t Work

Do you ever feel as though nothing will ever help you get rid of your pain? Have you suffered for so long that you’ve just started to accept your pain as a burden you’re destined to carry? Many people feel the way you do, and these feelings are often compounded by the fact that everything […]

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