Vertical Peak Power and Swing Speed

Vertical Peak Power and Jump Height Looking further into our vertical peak power score with jumps, we wanted to look at if having a certain level of vertical peak power could almost guarantee a specific club speed. If these measurements are actually valuable, then the highest jumpers will also have the highest swing speeds. When […]

Proper Assessment for Golf Performance

How to Assess for Golf Performance When it comes to physical preparation, time in the gym must neither take away from sport-specific practice, nor should it cause players to need to decrease their practice time because they are fatigued or cannot perform at their best.. Which is why proper an effective assessment for golf performance […]

Why the Female Golfer Should be Lifting Heavy and Jumping Often

For the female golfer, the largest concern to be had with performance should be loss of power, coming from loss in bone density, losses in muscle mass, and/or losses in motor neuron firing. These can be relatively easy for females to see a loss in if not training adequately for. I see a lot of […]

Golf Performance, Is Your Best Game Beyond You?

Measuring Success in Golf Performance Golf is one of the easiest games to measure individual success through performance. Everyone who plays posts a score and that score can be used to measure success. Each time you play, your score will be able to tell you whether you’re making improvements or not. Do you think you’ve […]

Training Residuals for Golf Performance

How to Structure Training Around a Season Where do you draw the line between training and sport? The ultimate goal of a training program for an athlete should be to maximize her or her potential for as long as they can, as safe as they can. Maximizing potential is all about lining training up with […]

Ground Reaction Force Optimization for the Golf Swing

Ground Reaction Forces in Golf One of the biggest advancements in physical and technical training for golf has been the adoption of force plate analysis of ground reaction force by many instructors and biomechanists, similar to its adoption for advanced analysis in track and field and team sports athletes. The golf swing is a unique […]

Clear Through Your Hips with This Exercise

Can you Clear Through? The major technical issue that I hear from golfers the most is that they are lacking the ability to clear their hips. They lack that rotation through their hips to be able to get their sequencing in order and create appropriate lag in their swing. I have found this the most […]

Shoulder Health: What Golfers Are Not Doing

Upper Body Strength for Shoulder Health  Appropriate upper body strength training can be the make or break when it comes to maintaining a golfer’s shoulder health.  How many times have you heard or seen someone in your group complain about shoulder pain? Creating a well designed upper body training program can give golfers the right […]

Nutrition Series Part 4: Meal Timing

What is Meal Timing? As a Performance coach, the most common question I get is probably “What should I eat?”, but the second most common would probably be “When should I eat?” directed towards meal timing.  First off, overall daily calories and macros always trump any sort of meal timing. For the average joe who […]

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