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Can I Play Golf After a Hip Replacement?

– Has your hip been replaced and still do not feel ready or safe to play golf?

– Have you been through physical therapy but do not feel mobile enough to play golf?

– Are you nervous to play because of your hip and do not want to damage it?

So Can I Play Golf After a Hip Replacement or Not?

The short answer is YES you can play golf after a hip replacement. Most orthopedic surgeons will even encourage golf as a safe form of exercises following a replacement.

How Is My Hip Affected During the Golf Swing?

To have a successful golf swing, you need an adequate amount of both external and internal rotation.  Following a hip replacement, most surgeons will limit the amount of flexion and rotation of the hip to protect the healing structures. This practice is needed for a successful surgery, however when the tissue is healed you need to start working on getting that motion for golf.

During the swing:
– Lead hip goes through gradual external rotation (turn away) during the backswing, and then rapid internal rotation (turn towards) during the downswing
– Trail hip goes through gradual internal rotation during the backswing, and then rapid external rotation during the downswing
– Trail hip goes through flexion during the backswing, and rapid extension during the downswing

These motions are often limited during initial rehabilitation of the hip replacement to protect and promote healing. But now you are healed and safe to proceed – what do you do next to get the most out of your replacement?

When is it Safe to Play Golf?

Typically, your motion may be limited for about 6 weeks post operation. During that time, the structures around the hip are healing and you should be going through physical therapy to improve walking and endurance. Most surgeons clear patients to return to golf by 12 weeks post operation. It is always safe to be “cleared to play” by your surgeon before returning to golf.

What Do I Need To Do To Avoid An Injury To My Hip?

When you return to golf after your hip replacement you want to protect and avoid any complications. To achieve this, it takes more than your standard physical therapy rehabilitation. As mentioned before, your hip requires a certain amount of motion that does not always get achieved with physical therapy. The muscles around the hips require a certain amount of strength to provide stability and produce power to swing the club. If your hip lacks motion and or strength, you are putting yourself at increased risk of injury and increased wear and tear on your joint replacement.

If your surgeon has cleared to return to golf and you want to make sure your hip is ready to play golf at a high level, click on the link below to take our P4S Golf Fitness Assessment.


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