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“But Physical Therapy Didn’t Work For Me”

How is P4S Golf Different?

Something we hear too often, and quite frankly is disappointing is “physical therapy did not work for me”. If you have tried physical therapy before, you probably experienced an over crowded clinic with the physical therapist treating multiple people at a time, including you. You may have even been given exercises to do on your own or work with a physical therapy aide. Common experience in a general physical therapy clinic is to go to therapy 2-3x week for 6 week– that’s 12-18 visits in a 6-week period! We know from science that true muscular strength takes longer than this to develop so why are you only going for 6 weeks, and how is 3 times a week going to make that much of a difference – it’s not speeding up time to get stronger.

You may have experienced a decrease in your pain, but how long did it last? Did you learn how to stay out of pain? Did you learn how your golf swing may increase your pain? It is no wonder why physical therapy did not work for you. P4S Golf Performance is not your standard physical therapy and that is how we provide longevity in the game of golf. But how are we different?

Golf Specific

At P4S Golf you will always been the only client treated during your session. The attention of the golf performance physical therapist will be on you alone. Your time is valuable, and we honor that at P4S Golf. Standard physical therapy is to help your daily functioning. Your insurance company does not care if you can play golf. Our performance treatment plans are based on your unique metrics. There is no ‘cookie cutter” approach at P4S golf, and everything you experience is based on your goals and what your body needs to be successful. At P4S Golf, our golf performance physical therapist specialized in the golf swing, and we use that knowledge to target specific movements and muscles to help you accomplish your golf related goals.

Data Driven

At P4S Golf, your treatment program is based on science and data that we can measure and track improvement. With the use of motion capture technology and state of the art force plate technology you will learn more about your golf swing then you could imagine. We have measured thousands of golfers ranging from junior to amateur to professional golfers. Not only do we have the technology to measure your golf swing and identity areas of weakness, but we also have the ability to track your progress to objectively measure change. P4S Golf will improve your golf game and we have the data to prove it.

Performance Based

Your experience at P4S Golf is golf performance based. Unlike your traditional physical therapy clinic where your treatment is based on insurance companies and productivity metrics set by the clinic, at P4S golf your pain will be decreased, your mobility and power for the golf swing will be improved. Your program will be based on your golf performance goals, whether that is to increase you swing speed, increased distance, improve consistency, or you just want to be able to golf back-to-back days and not wake up the next day in pain

Identifying the cause of the elbow pain is the first step to reducing irritation and getting back to playing more enjoyable golf. A quick way to check to see if you have an appropriate amount of shoulder motion to prevent elbow pain is to take our FREE at home P4S Golf Assessment. If your mobility good, you may have limitations in strength around your elbow, including your forearm muscles. Practicing good swing techniques and avoiding using too much force or grip pressure can be an effective way to reduce stress on the elbow. Warming up prior to playing a round of golf can improve the flexibility in the elbow and performance on the course.


Spencer Cole

Doctor of Physical Therapy


Disclaimer: This blog content is for general educational information purposes only and is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. References available upon request.

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