Brier Creek Swing Speed School

Improve Your Golf Game Now!

In the comfort of Brier Creek Country Club, Par4Success and the BCCC fitness staff bring you the perfect winter golf program!

8 weeks of golf fitness classes to drastically increase your swing speed. Average results are 10 yards! Just in time for you to tee off for Spring 2019!

Pre-Program Golf Fitness Assessment (See it here)
8 weeks of Golf Fitness Classes (1 or 2x/wk options)
Post-Program Golf Fitness Assessment (See it here)

Par4Success is the highest customer-rated golf fitness center in the Carolinas! We are passionate about our love for helping golfers. Schedule your INCLUDED golf fitness evaluation today! Click on the link below for easy registration.

Your Best Golf Game Starts Here

The Numbers:

8 Weeks, 2 In Depth Assessments, 10+ Hours of Coaching, 10 yards more off the Tee!

Class Schedule:

Monday 10:30 – 11:15a, Tuesday 6p – 6:45p, Wed 9:45a -10:30a

1x/week class option – $419

2x/week class option – $539

Get the Answers You Need for These Problems This Winter!

Your Best Golf Game Starts Here!

The 8 week program is the first of its kind at any Country Club in the Triangle!

You will know the exact areas you need to work on and our experts will guide you through the best 8 weeks of your winter. Average golfers gain 10 yards!

That's not all!

Included in your tuition for the Swing Speed School are two 1 on 1 sessions with Golf Physical Therapists who take you through entire 3D assessments and uncover every limitation you have so you can fix them quickly before Spring arrives.

>>> We understand how important it is to you to play the game you love for the rest of your life.

>>> Being able to move your body with ease, swing the club 360 degrees and walk the course without pain are the goals of every life-long golfer.

>>> At Par4Success we are dedicated to helping you hurt less, swing faster and play better.

We're excited to work with you and see you have your best game ever!

Experienced and Dedicated Team