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Hack 2 of 5 to Crush Pain and Save Money: Ask the Right Questions

These 4 questions will give you more insight into a clinic than almost every other consumer out there. These are the questions we tell our mothers to ask before they schedule an appointment with any medical provider near them. If these are good enough for our moms, they are definitely good enough for you!

Top 4 Questions to Ask BEFORE Scheduling at a Clinic


  1. Will I work with the same Therapist every visit, or will I be passed around?


  1. How many patients per day does a therapist see on an average day?


  1. How much actual time per visit do I spend with my actual therapist, not an aide or an assistant?


  1. How much does it cost per visit?


ask questions




-They ask for your insurance or payment information before they ask about your situation, how you are doing and how it is affecting you (if they ever ask you about how you are doing they are better than average)


-If they can’t tell you how much your care is going to cost per visit before you arrive


-They can’t guarantee that you will see the same therapist every visit


-The average therapist sees more than 12 patients a day.  This means they are double booking, using aides/assistants heavily and likely rely on volume to make their business work.  You will become a number.

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