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Prior to signing on with Par4Success in the third week of Dec. 2019, I had been using Speed Sticks and had gained about 3 mph in club head speed over a couple of months. I just completed my first 12 weeks of training with Par4Success. The results showed significant improvement in my mobility and strength and an increase in club head speed of 5 mph. I am 67 years old and now have a max club head speed with the driver of 98 mph. I can’t wait until I see my progress in another 12 weeks. I hope to be at least 102-103 mph by then with only more good things to come.

Boyce Lowery
Virtual Client

I have been with Par4Success for over a year and it has been nothing but an awesome experience. Working with Chris and Tyler has been fun and very educational. All the research Chris and his staff have done over the years has been eye opening and very beneficial to me. It has improved my physical health and not too mention my overall golf game.

Dennis Granahan
Virtual Client

Been with the online program for about 7 weeks; the app is easy to use, get quick replies to any questions/comments on exercises that I have through the app as well. In the short time so far, my mobility has improved and I have also identified my greatest weakness — and have set about a program to target that area (core/spinal stiffness). The short educational videos from Chris explain why all the different movements/exercises will help one’s overall fitness and golf game

Brian MacEwen
Virtual Member

Does Virtual Training Actually Work?

The average golfer sees 10 yards (3-4 mph) of gain in the first 12 weeks.  In the first year, the average golfer will see on average a gain of 20 yards or 6-8 mph.

We see resolution of most mobility limitations in 6-8 weeks.

We see resolution of pains, stiffness etc on average in 4-6 weeks.

How Much Contact With My Coach Do I Actually Get?

As much as you want!  We require a formal video call every month and that you send at least 2 videos each week minimum via our app.  The more communication the better as this improves our ability to help you stay safe and progress fast.  This is one of the reasons why we limit enrollment.

Do I Need A Workout Buddy To Film Me?

Simply, no.  We have tutorial videos if you need help figuring out how to set up your phone to video yourself for assessments.  We also will coach you through how to send a video of an exercise if you want some feedback on the form.  It is easier than you'd think!

How Do You Make Sure I Don't Get Hurt?

Communication and regular videos are key here.  We have a rigorous intake process which requires videos for specific lifts before we will progress you in load and difficulty so that we can be sure to keep you safe.

If there ever is an injury or ache that pops up while playing (or if you currently have them), we have Licensed Physical Therapists on staff who specialize with golfers who are always available for a consult to get you back faster than anyone.

How Do Your Results Virtually Compare To When Golfers Come In To Your Facility?

We see the same results with our virtual clients as we have documented in our research database of over 1200 golfers at this point.  10 yards gained and significant reduction of pain in the first 12 weeks is the average gains that we see.  Many golfers see even more than that.

How Much Does It Cost?

Price varies based on commitment.  Generally, though, golfers start with a 3 month phase or a full year commitment.

This is the beauty of the initial strategy call.

By getting to know you, your goals and your struggles thus far, we are able to make sure you would be a good fit and that we get you exactly what you need.

Every golfer that we work with sees results, that is always our promise and guarantee.

Absolutely incredible. I am 7 workouts into my customized virtual program. App is simple and easy to use. Tyler dialed up a program for me which focuses on core, balance, flexibility, and strength. I have already achieved gains in all areas!! Really looking froward to seeing where I am in a few months with this and the impact these workouts will have on my golf game. Communication with Tyler and Chris has been outstanding and nearly daily.

Mike Conley
Virtual Client

Alex and Chris are amazing, I am on my 3rd week and my body feels great. The customized workouts and attention to detail are awesome. The on line app is easy to use and you get a true sense that every exercise is beneficial to your individual needs. Very happy and impressed. Thanks!

Joe Suttell
Virtual Client

What Do You Have to Lose?  We Guarantee Your Results.

I can’t recommend Chris and his staff highly enough! A careful individual evaluation, followed by workout protocols tailored to your specific needs by a staff of highly skilled professionals is hard to beat. We’re all looking for ways to get better; Par4Success is one of the best investments of time and money a golfer can make.

AG Crockett
Virtual Client