My golf pro at the club I belong to recommended Par4Success as part of my improvement goals for this year. My experience to date has exceeded my expectations. The team at Par4Success is fantastic! They are extremely knowledgeable and passionate about improving performance and very client centric. The evaluation they put me through identified areas that were issues and connected my physical makeup and bio mechanics to my golf swing. Thanks to the team at Par4Success I know have a clear understanding and practical roadmap to improve strength, flexibility and mobility. I am excited for the season ahead and I highly recommend Par4Success!

Larry Kaye
All Golfers Start With an Individual Initial Evaluation
Watch to See What it Is...

I have been a member for over 2 years. I’ve seen increases in upper body and lower body strength and learned a lot about how various muscles operate. I especially like the small class sizes which allow for much individualized attention from the fantastic instructors. The trainers place a strong emphasis on proper exercise technique and track the appropriate amount of weight that each member should lift. The staff also provides excellent physical therapy which has greatly improved my right shoulder.

Jeff Haggar
After the Evaluation, We Help You Pick The Best Program For You...

I absolutely love par 4 success! The staff is amazing! No matter what they are doing when you walk in they welcome you. I’m always greeted by my name, which makes me feel valued as a person and not just someone passing through. The staff is always willing to assist you in whatever you need which makes working out less intimidating, especially if you’re new to it.

Gloria Avalos

What Are Typical Results?

The average golfer sees 10 yards (3-4 mph) of gain in the first 12 weeks.  In the first year, the average golfer will see on average a gain of 20 yards or 6-8 mph.

We see resolution of most mobility limitations in 6-8 weeks.

We see resolution of pains, stiffness etc on average in 4-6 weeks.

The average member attends classes 2x/week

How Much Individual Coaching Do I Actually Get?

With the small classes, our coaches are able to customize all of the exercises and phases that you are in to the individual and where you are at.

We have rounds every two weeks to discuss all our members with our medical and golf performance staff to be sure everyone is getting exactly what they need.

There are always opportunities for increased 1 on 1 attention, training, Physical Therapy whenever needed.

How Do You Make Sure I Don't Get Hurt?

Our golf fitness coaches are some of the best and most experienced in the world.  We maintain small junior golfer to golf fitness coach ration to assure that we are able to work closely with every junior in the semester programs.

We also have very strict protocols for progressions and require that all junior golfers earn the right to lift heavier weight.

No junior golfer lifts weights until their technique is rock solid.

If there ever is an injury or ache that pops up while playing (or if you currently have them), we have Licensed Physical Therapists on staff who specialize with junior golf who are always available for a consult to get you back faster than anyone.

How Much Does It Cost?

Price varies based on commitment.  Generally, though, golfers start with a 3 month phase or a full year commitment.

This is the beauty of the initial strategy call.

By getting to know you, your goals and your struggles thus far, we are able to make sure you would be a good fit and that we get you exactly what you need.

Every golfer that we work with sees results, that is always our promise and guarantee.


Joined Par4Success about 3 months back and have seen a lot of improvement with my back symptoms. Their Physical Therapy has been instrumental in identifying my trouble areas and root causes. Their dry needling technique is by far the best in releasing the trigger points and I appreciate them staying late when needed to address multiple issues. The small group classes are great for strength/mobility training and learning the right way to do the exercises. I highly recommend Par4Success to anyone, not just golfers.

Hap Atwal
Member & PT Client

I can’t recommend Chris and his staff highly enough! A careful individual evaluation, followed by workout protocols tailored to your specific needs by a staff of highly skilled professionals is hard to beat. We’re all looking for ways to get better; Par4Success is one of the best investments of time and money a golfer can make.

AG Crockett
Virtual Client

My swing speed has increased and I am now able to hit the ball farther. I have a stronger core, much more flexibility, and feel great all thanks to Par4success

Richard Davis
Governors Club