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Active Release Technique for the Golfer

There are many different methods to the madness when it comes to a golfer taking care of their body during before, during, and after (is there such a thing?) the golf season. Swing after swing, you are taking your body through a motion that it is not normally accustomed to in everyday life. When you do this you will inevitably start to feel some aches, pains, and other issues going on with areas such as your hands, elbows, shoulders, hips, and knees.

The training that you do helps prepare your body for these repetitive motions but the recovery is where you will ensure that your body continues to feel good. Recovery can include light stretching, massage, good nutrition, and yoga, among other modalities such as Active Release Technique.

active release technique logoActive Release Technique (ART) is a patented, highly technical and specific form of soft tissue (massage) treatment geared towards decreased/limited range of motion, flexibility, nerve entrapment, or adhesions within the muscles.

Every Active Release Technique sessions consist of an examination by the practitioner followed by the hands-on protocols. There are over 500 ART protocols that cover the entire body from the upper to the lower to the spine and all of the nerve entrapment sites. Active Release is different from most forms in that it is done both by the provider and the patient.

The patient is asked to shorten the muscle (contracting) and the Practitioner then applies pressure and holds the spot while the patient lengthens the muscle and takes it through its end range. The theory behind this is so that any bound up muscles or adhesions have to pass through the pressure being applied and will essentially break up the tissues creating better mobility and length within the muscles. This method also enables the neuromuscular system to recognize the new patterning that is being requested through the body’s movement.

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After completing the ART session, it is best to ensure you are working on exercises that aid you in the recovery so that the same issue doesn’t reoccur. ART will get the issue out but only re-training and re-patterning via strength and movement training will ensure the body adapts and keeps the issue out. Having a qualified strength coach or therapist is the best route to go when needing to address issues. Fortunately, we have the best coaches and therapists all under one roof here at Par4Success so it makes not only the patients access easier but also enhances communication between the team.



ART helps to prevent or treat issues such as:

  • Sciatica
  • Carpal Tunnel
  • Tennis elbow
  • Golfers elbow
  • Neck or Shoulder restriction or pain
  • Hip and Knee restriction or pain

These and many other problems or injuries that one will deal with not only in golf but on a day to day basis. ART isn’t just for golfers, it’s for everyone who is dealing with any sort soft tissue limitation or injury.

To set up an appointment with Daniel Fleisher, CSCS, LMBT, our Active Release Technique Provider, please contact Teri Stern at 919.377.2084.

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