What our clients and colleagues are saying…

  • My son, Ryan, has gained 20 lbs of lean muscle in 6 months. He started working with Par4Success when he was 14, and immediately increased swing speed, improved balance and gained distance without modifying his swing fundamentals. Par4Success understands child development and they work well with juniors. He has increased his swing speed by almost 15 MPH without loss of accuracy, gained flexibility, is physically stronger and eats healthier because he had seen positive results. If your child want to play college golf, you want them to be involved in a golf specific training program. Every coach that we have met with has asked about physical conditioning and training specific to golf. Par4Success is TPI Certified and Chris is a Licensed Physical Therapist as well. If your child is motivated to play better golf, the Par4Success guys will help them take leaps forward.

    Junior Parent

  • "Since I retired from the military I've been at Par4Success. My core has never been more stable, and my flexibility and mobility has improved. I've lost 30lbs and 3 inches off my waist and am finally starting to be comfortable in my own body. Thanks Par4Success!"

    Scott Murray

  • I just shot my lowest round in years at the Golden Bear Golf Course at Hilton Head Island today thanks to our work together!

    Bill Mattern

  • Channing was just fitted for new clubs and we had to share our excitement over her progress since joining. She previously hit her driver 173-186 yards and after 2 months working out with you, she's hitting it 230 yards. Her swing speed has increased markedly and her flexibility is improving.

    Angela (mother of Channing)

  • "I first met Chris when I needed help with a chronic back problem and he identified my need for increased flexibility, better core strength and increased swing speed through his comprehensive evaluation and swing analysis. As a Titleist Performance Institute Medical Professional, Chris has been able to customize a golf fitness program that has me on my way to an improved golf swing and increased distance off the tee. Working with Chris and his Par4Success program has been a wonderful experience which I plan to continue in the future."

    Paul Singer, Governors Club

  • "I am hitting the ball much farther and am very pleased with the results after nine months while working with Par4Success. The program has helped me physically and technically with my golf swing. Overall it's been a great experience and I'm looking forward to continue the program.

    Maggie, 16

  • "I am a big fan of Par 4 Success. I experienced major back & hip pain this summer that was not getting better. Par4Success correctly identified my physical problems and also my flawed swing as a major cause of my pain. Working with a golf professional to correct my golf swing, Par4Success fixed my body with the end result of no pain, 15-20 yards longer off the tee and a lower and moving lower handicap. I am happy I experienced my back & hip issues this year because thanks to Par 4 Success; I have a better golf swing, playing better golf and having more fun golfing.

    Mike McKee

  • "I am hitting the ball longer and straighter. My chronic back pain also improved quickly after starting at Par4Success. I just won the 2013 Herald Sun Golf Championship First Flight and attribute all of my success to the Par4Success Center. Do yourself a favor and do not wait as long as I have to seek out help."

    Macon Tunstall

  • "My game and swing speed has improved significantly and I am pain-free throughout the round. The best money I have ever spent on my golf game! Par4Success Coaches are very professional and driven to deliver results for the customer. "

    Kerrick Wilson

  • "My swing speed has increased and I am now able to hit it farther. I have a stronger core, much more flexibility and feel great, all thanks to Par4Success."

    Richard Davis (Governors Club, Old Chatham Golf Club)

  • "Having a coach is important to learning the swing mechanics, but unlike you guys at Par4Success, they can't tell that the reason your hips are coming forward at address is due to my tight calf! I have found your knowledge invaluable and everyone's dedication to my own personal success in my golf game priceless.

    Raegan, 16

  • "Chris has a fantastic approach that works with your schedule and limitations to maximize your results within your time frame. His knowledge and professionalism let you know you are getting the best care and the correct approach"

    John H. Marino, PGA Director of Operations Old Chatham Golf Club

  • "Par4Success has the unique ability to assess golfers' swings and then customize Golf Fitness Programs for players to increase distance and prevent injury. As a client, I am thoroughly impressed with them, their education and their commitment to providing first-rate services for golfers."

    John Fahlberg, Governors Club

  • "Par4Success' methods of improving swing speed (more distance!) and golf swings through improving body movements is a rare blend. He is a physical therapist with a great understanding of how the body works in a golf swing."

    Jonathan Brimfield

  • "Chris has an innovative program for helping golfers get into "golf shape" and hit it farther. Glad to be one of his clients!"

    Fred G

  • "Par4Success is the best at what they do and I recommend them without hesitation. When lessons aren't paying off, the missing connection is, "Can your body perform the necessary motion to improve your golf game?"

    Karl Kimball, Director of Golf Hillandale Golf Course

  • "I am 66 years old and was referred to Chris after decades long back issues that were worsening. In three months time, Chris, through “hands on” physical therapy and a complete redirection of my exercise regimen, has rid me of these nagging back problems. Most importantly, now working with Greg, I am gaining substantially improved mobility, stability, and balance through a progression of “golf centric” training exercises. Working with our Director of Golf here at Governors Club, I am “relearning” how to properly swing the golf club with my improving physical capabilities. The integration of the separate processes happens through Chris’ communication with my “swing instructor” and completes the path to improvement in my golf game. My current golf handicap index is 2.7, and I am confident it will be lowered as a result of working with Chris’ team at Par 4 Success."

    John Mitchell, Governors Clubs

  • "I can now stay stable and rotate my body to good positions in my golf swing and hit it farther. My flexibility is back to normal now. Body feels much better with no pain. I am extremely pleased with the results I got doing Chris's personalized golf fitness program. I highly recommend."

    K at Hillandale

  • "Chris has helped me with my flexibility and injuries with results that have improved my golf swing and distance as well as my overall fitness. His knowledge and expertise is impressive"

    Chuck Reuben

  • "Working with Par4Success has made a big difference in my game. Chris is highly knowledgeable about becoming more fit and achieving better golf results. His personable and practical approach makes improving strength, stability, and flexibility easier than seemed possible. I highly recommend Par4Success."

    Melinda Garza

  • "Started working out here almost two years ago. My goal was to have a "golf specific" work-out that kept me engaged. My experience has far exceeded my expectations. Staff are excellent communicators, but their knowledge of golf mechanics and proper golf specific exercises are unparalleled. I would highly recommend Par4Success to any golfer who wants to maximize one's potential."

    Ben W

  • My vertical is up 8 inches, my quickness and agility tests have dropped over 2 seconds and my reaction speed had gotten dramatically better. Since they have the background knowledge of playing and training college basketball, they create a workout plan personalized for basketball specific motions and movements.

    Braxton A

  • Since starting Par4success my daughter has finished 1st and 2nd in her last two tournaments. She LOVES Par4Success - best decision we have made - thanks so much!

    V. Atwood

  • I have struggled with a back issue for many years and I have been to three other physical therapists with little or no results. After my second visit at Par4Success, I had so much relief from constant back pain. They spend a full hour with you and only you and do a lot of hands on work. It is a very different experience, one that works.

    Elizabeth Jandorek

  • Par4Success is incredible. They apply a completely science based approach to meeting your individual goals. I am a remote client and through the use of technology it is as close as I can get to being in person as possible. If your goal is to improve your overall health and fitness while also meeting your golf specific goals then Par4Success is the place for you.

    Lee Weidauer

  • When I saw you offered a 60 day mobility program for $29 I bought it. I'm just over two weeks in and my shoulders have never felt better. Again over the course of the past 4 years I have gotten fairly bulky so it was an amazing feeling after the first shoulder mobility day how loose and low my shoulders felt.

    Derek Jordan

  • "As a new business owner, this was exactly what I needed. Chris outlined every aspect of business including marketing, how to develop systems to manage the daily flow, staff management, client programming, and more.

    Tim Neumann - Founder Par5Performance

  • "My son has worked out with Chris at Par4Success for the past couple years, primarily on conditioning to improve his golf game. He has been very pleased with his results. When a chronic lower back problem continued to affect me, my son recommended (repeatedly) that I see Chris. After many months of no improvement, I decided to follow his advice. I only wish I had done so sooner. Within 2 visits, my very stiff lower back had improved significantly. I have seen 4 PTs over the past 5 years, with no real results. I would highly recommend Chris and the Par4Success staff. These folks provide individualized care, and really know what they are doing."

    Jarod Carter

I have struggled with a back issue for many years and I have been to three other physical therapists with little or no results. After my second visit at Par4Success, I had so much relief from constant back pain. They spend a full hour with you and only you and do a lot of hands on work. It is a very different experience, one that works.

Elizabeth Jandorek

Raleigh, NC