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  1. I have been working out at Par4 Success for almost 3 years. I work out 3 times a week in one of the small group sessions. During that time I have significantly improved my stability, power/strength and range of motion in my swing. My club head speed and ball speed have increased dramatically. The group sessions are intense, focused, challenging, and they are a lot of fun. The trainers are highly skilled, certified professionals who are closely attentive to what each person is doing during the workout. They make on the spot corrections to make sure that participants get the most benefit from each exercise and avoid movements that could cause injury. I have been working out regularly for more than 35 years at various facilities in the states where I lived and worked. None can compare in quality, professionalism and commitment to its members as Par4 Success does. You owe it to yourself and your game to come and check out what Par4 has to offer. I believe you will be glad if you do.

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