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3 Ways to Fix Your Own Back Pain

Back pain is the most common injury and pain that we have in humans, period. So today we wanted to give you three simple ways that you can look at your pain and assess what may be the best way to fix it on your own.

Symptom: Your pain does NOT shoot down your leg and into your foot, it is more around that little boney spot on either side of your spine at the top backside of your hip or more of an ache across the low back.

Check out this video for some simple fixes to try

Symptom: Your pain is shooting down your leg, worst with sitting and feels better when you lay down or are up and moving.

Check out this video for some simple Mckenzie extension exercises.

While these are the two most common presentations of back pain experienced in general, these by no means are the only two options or presentations. As always, we would recommend trying these simple fixes on your own for a week or so, but if there is not improvement, you should seek our your local Physical Therapist for guidance on the appropriate steps you should take.

Regardless of who you potentially end up seeing, make sure that you ask the right questions during your initial call to make sure they are the right provider to help you reach your goal of getting out of pain.

As always, feel free to reach out to us here for a complimentary discovery call to talk through your current situation and help you figure out what the best course of action for you will be.

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