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3 Things Every Golfer Needs Before Their Round

There are 3 things that every golfer needs before playing a round of golf. No matter your age, ability level, or any factor in between, these 3 checkpoints will help ensure that you are prepared for your round. 


First and foremost, your body needs the proper nutrients to be capable of performing the golf swing dozens of times during a round of golf. Not to mention, the added energy expenditure if you walk the course. Make sure you have an adequate pre-round meal or snack, containing protein and carbs to give you the needed energy and stamina for your round. It’s always a good idea to bring a nutritious and convenient snack with you to the course, in case you feel a bit low in energy before you make the turn. 


Number two, which is of equal importance, is water. Your mind and body can’t operate optimally if you’re dehydrated, and that’s especially possible during those hot summer days. Be sure you’re staying hydrated both before your round as well as on the course. Don’t forget to pack 2-3 bottles of water or low calorie sports drinks to make sure you don’t get dehydrated and drained of energy during your round


Finally, but no less important, be sure to perform a brief muscular warm-up prior to the first tee to ensure your body is moving fluidly and efficiently. A total of 5-10 minutes will do the trick, focusing on your mid-back as well as the joints of the shoulders and hips. Try a few bodyweight lunges with rotation to activate the lower body and thoracic spine, then get your shoulders warm by performing a few arm circles


In order to minimize limiting factors to your golf game and be as consistent as possible, be sure to remember 3 things that should always be prepared before playing. Nutrition, Hydration, and Warm-up. Incorporate these methods into your routine and be prepared and confident on the course! 

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