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3 Steps Critical to Increase Mobility

Mobility is a big problem for many golfers, particularly older athletes. Today we’re going to spend a little time explaining some simple but important ways to increase your mobility. 

The first step is myofascial work – foam rolling. We have a lot of resources about myofascial work here at Par4Success, and if you’ve read many of our other articles or watched our videos you’ve probably seen us talk about it. If you want a more detailed explanation, we have an article talking all about it here. For a brief explanation, when soft tissue is unhealthy, it forms what are called trigger points, which shorten the length of the muscle fibers. When muscle fibers are shortened, your range of motion is limited with them. Getting rid of these trigger points is the simplest way to quickly increase your mobility, which is why it’s our first step. 

The second step we recommend is to actively move through your full range of motion. If you’re tight or lacking motion, chances are there’s a part of the joint that hasn’t been engaged regularly. When a portion of your range of motion isn’t used, your body will naturally divert energy away from that area, meaning unused mobility is essentially lost. 

Finally, once you’re able to get through the full range of motion, the next step is to go through that motion with a load. Adding a load will allow you to use more strength and power when moving through that range of motion, making it more functionally usable for sport. 

The most important thing to remember is that improving mobility isn’t just one kind of treatment or exercise. Using these layered steps is the most healthy and holistic way to not only gain mobility quickly but to gain functional mobility and keep it.

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