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The Dirty Secret of Golf Fitness

Golf fitness at this point is nothing new.  It has been around for over a decade and is utilized by the majority of the world’s top professional players and amateurs.  So how come you can’t find a gym near you that does it well?  How come you can’t find a reputable online source unless you pay hundreds?  How come more people aren’t doing it?

These are the questions that I have been asking myself for years until I recently came across the answer.  

It is not that people don’t know about working out and exercising for golf.  Shoot, anyone who has turned on a golf tournament since 2000 knows about Tiger Woods and at the very least that exercise has been a big part to his success.  As of late, even if people aren’t golfers, they are seeing a more athletic player who looks like an athlete.

It is because the golf fitness industry’s dirty little secret is killing the industry.  

When golf fitness first became big in the early 2000’s, therapists, trainers, chiro’s and MD’s flocked in droves to get certified as golf fitness professionals thinking this was going to be a big business opportunity.  They spent thousands on their certifications and were told they were elite and needed to charge accordingly.  

This led to a culture of $200/hr or more to see a golf fitness professional and put a price barrier between the average golfer and the valuable resource that was going to help them move better, feel better and perform better on the golf course for many more years to come.  


Enter the internet…  


With the internet growing along with the websites and apps that were developed around technology came an explosion of online golf fitness programs and exercises available to anyone who had access to youtube.  All of the professionals who had spent thousands on certifications and hardly made their investment back saw an opportunity to deliver golf fitness programs online to anyone who wanted them.  

Of course, they wanted to keep their brand quality high because they were experts, so what did they do?  They created stock programs so they could do the least amount of work and charged hundreds for a few weeks of workouts.  Business wise this makes a ton of sense.  Results wise this is a joke.  Consumer wise it is dangerous and a rip off.

A stock program is a templated program that someone creates once based on their best guess of what will help most people a little bit.  They then market it as the greatest 8 week or 90 day program the golf world has ever seen and sell it to any sucker believing what they are selling.  Some will even sell it as “the same program we use with PGA Player “X”.  They are delivering the same single program to the masses to make a quick buck without much care for how you really do.  How would they know if they don’t test you in the beginning and then again after the program?

I personally know many golfers who jump from one 90 day program to the next online paying hundreds at a time just basically hopping from one stock program to the next being fooled into thinking they are getting better.  

When I realized this, it infuriated me!  It has inspired me to oust the dirty little secret and tell you the truth!


Golf Fitness’ dirty little secret…


Golf Fitness has been so expensive without meaningful results that no one is wanting to pay for it again.  Golfers are just hopping from one stock program the next until they run out of  programs to hop to.  At the end of all their hopping, the only that has changed is they are thousands of dollars poorer.

Golf fitness is not much different than training for any other power sport around.  You don’t have to have a golf club in your hand to be working out for golf.  If someone has you stand on a wobbly ball or balance pad and swing or anything of the sorts and tells you it is going to help your balance and power during the swing, run for the hills! They are scamming you!

You MUST have a systematic approach to being assessed to see what exactly you need.  You must work on achieving the mobility specific to rotate correctly in the golf swing first.  You need to lift relatively heavy loads and train for speed in order to improve your ability to produce force fast throughout those ranges of motion.  Please note the word relative.  100lbs for one person may be impossible, but for another, they may be able to complete 50 repetitions with it.  

Finally, while there are some specific moves to get better at for the game of golf, it is harder to find a quality golf fitness professional than it is to understand the basics of what you need.  If you are lucky enough to have a quality fitness professional near you I suggest you seek them out if you can afford it.  If you can’t, you are sort of up a creek without a paddle.  


Until now…


I have vowed to my team at Par4Successs and I am promising to you that we will combat this dirty secret.  

We will deliver online 100% customized programs for less than many gym memberships.  

We will always educate you on why you are doing every exercise you are given.

We will repeatedly test your progress to make sure you are improving and that your program is exactly what you need when you need it.

We will only deliver the best quality product and service that is based off your evaluations.

We will always give you feedback on technique and answer all questions.  

We will always make sure you reach your goal.

The Takeaway

If a program doesn’t do a thorough evaluation at the start and intermittently throughout it is a waste of your time.  If a program doesn’t give you the opportunity to submit videos for constant feedback, it’s not worth a dime.   

Stop letting the online golf fitness world pull wool over your eyes.  Demand more for yourself and stop paying for same programs that were created years ago one time and sent to thousands of other golfers totally different than you.  Pay for a program for you, not one that was made for someone else.   

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Chris Finn

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