Proper Assessment for Golf Performance

How to Assess for Golf Performance When it comes to physical preparation, time in the gym must neither take away from sport-specific practice, nor should it cause players to need to decrease their practice time because they are fatigued or cannot perform at their best.. Which is why proper an effective assessment for golf performance […]

Why the Female Golfer Should be Lifting Heavy and Jumping Often

For the female golfer, the largest concern to be had with performance should be loss of power, coming from loss in bone density, losses in muscle mass, and/or losses in motor neuron firing. These can be relatively easy for females to see a loss in if not training adequately for. I see a lot of […]

Osteoporosis: Overcoming Fear and Living your Best Life

At the best of times, the concept of bone density can be a little overwhelming. For the majority of people out there, bone density and its importance is a foreign concept made visible only when issues in the form of broken bones, ailments, or pain arise. The thing is, though, when it comes to osteoporosis, […]

Golf Performance, Is Your Best Game Beyond You?

Measuring Success in Golf Performance Golf is one of the easiest games to measure individual success through performance. Everyone who plays posts a score and that score can be used to measure success. Each time you play, your score will be able to tell you whether you’re making improvements or not. Do you think you’ve […]

Getting Ready for your Best Golfing Season Yet!

The sun is out, the grass is green, the birds are chirping, and you’re busy carefully packing your golf bag. That’s right – the time has come to get back out on the green and get teeing, putting, and swinging. Golf season is always an exciting time – it means you’re back outside, getting some […]

Training Residuals for Golf Performance

How to Structure Training Around a Season Where do you draw the line between training and sport? The ultimate goal of a training program for an athlete should be to maximize her or her potential for as long as they can, as safe as they can. Maximizing potential is all about lining training up with […]

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