Shoulder Health: What Golfers Are Not Doing

Upper Body Strength for Shoulder Health  Appropriate upper body strength training can be the make or break when it comes to maintaining a golfer’s shoulder health.  How many times have you heard or seen someone in your group complain about shoulder pain? Creating a well designed upper body training program can give golfers the right […]

Nutrition Series Part 4: Meal Timing

What is Meal Timing? As a Performance coach, the most common question I get is probably “What should I eat?”, but the second most common would probably be “When should I eat?” directed towards meal timing.  First off, overall daily calories and macros always trump any sort of meal timing. For the average joe who […]

How to Train Your Central Nervous System for Golf

Why Your Central Nervous System is Important   How many times a day do you think you react without thinking about it?  Touch a hot stove, pull your hand back without even thinking.  Wallah!  But, how were you able to make it happen so fast without any thought at all? Three words, central nervous system. […]

Nutrition Series Part 3: Micronutrients – The Key to a Balanced Diet

What Matters More: Calories or Nutrients? What does a good micronutrients profile look like? While most diets will 99% of the time “work”, the true underlying reason that they do always comes down to the energy balance. A few examples include the Keto Diet, the Clean Eating Diet, and the Paleo Diet. There is nothing […]