Spinal Stiffness and The Female Golfer

What is Spinal Stiffness? The term Spinal Stiffness is the non sexy way of saying core strength. Nobody really cares about having a stiff spine but rather wants a six pack or a rock solid core! However, to have a rock solid core, you need to have a stiff spine. A stiff spine may sound […]

Golf Fitness Programs – The Ultimate Guide

How Golf Fitness is Changing the Game Today’s modern era of golf is changing right on front of our owns eyes. Drives off the tee longer than ever before.  The game today is becoming more a game of distance.  Golf fitness programs and their impact are changing the game today. This shift in the game […]

3 Quick Steps Towards Improving Your Golf Shoulder Flexibility

What Does Healthy Golf Shoulder Flexibility Look Like? Healthy and properly working golf shoulder flexibility is crucial towards achieving a consistent swing. A commonly seen occurrence, the shoulders have proper range of motion when standing tall and performing everyday tasks, but the second that range of motion is assessed in golf posture – more of […]

1 Thing We Can Learn From Bryson Dechambeau’s Weight Gain

How is Bryson Changing the Game? At Par4Success, our goal is to help every golfer swing the fastest, best, and safest they possibly can. Not only do we conduct our own research based on the 1,000’s of golfers we’ve worked with, but we also look at what brings success to players at the highest level, […]