How to Swing Faster with Bench Press

Are you Benching Enough? As a golfer, are you currently incorporating bench press into your routine to be able to swing faster?  If so, then extra credit for you.  If not, then I’d really like to know why not.  I think the most common question I get with exercises like bench press are “What does […]

The Secret to Swinging Faster

Jumping for Swing Speed? By Tyler Johnson, MS, CSCS Maybe you’re sitting in a chair right now reading this article.  So, let’s do a quick experiment and standup out of the chair.  How did you just get yourself from siting nice and comfortably in the chair to vertical and upright?  You had to push against something.  Newton’s third law […]

One Quick Test Towards Fixing Your Back Pain

One Quick Test Towards Fixing Your Back Pain Written by Will Barlock, PT, DPT, CSCS Low back pain can be a tricky thing to treat. In some of our previous blog posts, we have discussed the importance of determining the cause and treating it versus treating the symptoms. The back can have causes from the […]