Key Components to Power Development

Key Components to Power Development If you haven’t heard yet, here it is now.  Power is king.  The greater that you can produce power, the further you will hit a golf ball, and lower your handicap.   Power is the product of force times velocity.  So, when we talk about training power, we talk about creating […]

Why Your Fitness Routine Isn’t Helping Your Golf Game

One of the most common questions we get from golfers during their first meeting with us has to do with workouts – “why am I working out so hard and not getting results on the golf course?” Maybe they’re spending an hour, five days a week in the gym and actually losing distance! Frequently, people are diligent […]

Autoregulation Training for Return to Training Post Quarantine

For the professional and recreational athlete, life has come to a weird turn. Most of us were forced to step away from the weights, and change the way we approach training. Times called to get creative with our body weight, resistance bands, milk jugs, and anything else on hand to get in some effective training. […]

3 Things Every Golfer Needs Before Their Round

There are 3 things that every golfer needs before playing a round of golf. No matter your age, ability level, or any factor in between, these 3 checkpoints will help ensure that you are prepared for your round.  Nutrition First and foremost, your body needs the proper nutrients to be capable of performing the golf […]

One Core Exercise for Every Golfer

When it comes to lumbopelvic stabilization you need to be thinking about how the pelvis moves about the spine.  Through your spine, your hips can flex and extend.  When thinking about a well-developed and strong lumbopelvic complex, you need to be able to have a balanced amount of strength and control between your hip flexors […]