Post-Round Routine for Golf

Particularly in multi-day events, the day you wind down after a round can be very important. Most of the time, you’ve been playing a round for 5-6 hours in the heat and you might be a little dehydrated or hungry. So how do you recover from this to be at your best performance the next […]

Pre-Round Routine for Golf

Pre-round routines can be a very confusing topic. It’s one of the harder topics for high level players to master, so you can only imagine how difficult it can be for amateur players. If you think about preparing for tests in school or meetings at work, preparation for any kind of performance is important and […]

Foot and Ankle Pain in Golf: The Untold Truths

Foot and ankle pain are not the most common injuries in the game of golf, but they do affect a large amount of golfers. Today, we’ll be addressing these issues and explain the mechanics behind what’s happening, as well as show you some swing faults you may be making that might make the issue worse.  […]

Ideal Golf Performance Optimization Components

When it comes to golf performance optimization, there are core elements that you really want to make sure to incorporate. The main components you should be seeing in your golf performance plan are mobility, activation, speed/power, strength, conditioning, and core.  Mobility includes things like foam rolling, thoracic spine openers, and others. Sometimes it may be […]