Athletic Continuum: When to Train What

At different points in our lives, our bodies are primed to handle different tasks. When you’re first born, you just need to learn to survive, but as you mature, your body starts to enter phases where it learns language especially quickly, or builds muscle very efficiently. People at different times in their lives have different […]

Foam Rolling for Golf? Why?

We talk about foam rolling and myofascial work a lot here at Par4Success and in this article we’re going to go into a little bit on why. A lot of people just beginning a program might find these kinds of exercises very uncomfortable and wonder why they’re doing them, but in this case the phrase […]

Is Having Sore Muscles OK?

We get asked this question a lot. “I started working out and I’m sore,” or “I worked out two days ago and I’m still sore.” There is both good soreness and bad soreness. It’s very normal for the second day after a workout to be worse than the first. The number one way to prevent […]

3 Steps Critical to Increase Mobility

Mobility is a big problem for many golfers, particularly older athletes. Today we’re going to spend a little time explaining some simple but important ways to increase your mobility.  The first step is myofascial work – foam rolling. We have a lot of resources about myofascial work here at Par4Success, and if you’ve read many […]