Spinal Stiffness = Best Core Training for Golf

Spinal Stiffness is a term you’ve probably not heard of. I mean what commercial gym is going to offer a “spinal stiffness” class? No one is really talking about spinal stiffness, but that’s really what the job of your core is. You core is not just your abs; it’s everything around your midsection, and that […]

Best Travel Core Exercises for Golf

Working out on the road is a challenge. Your time may be limited, and the hotel gym may not have the equipment you need, so it can be difficult to keep up with a consistent routine. Luckily there is a simple, cheap, and easy to transport solution that we use all the time here at […]

Best Way to Fix Wrist Pain in Golf

Wrist pain is a very common injury that we see in golfers, particularly in the winter or when it has been really wet and people are hitting off mats.   It’s endemic to many different groups of golfers. There are two general areas of the wrist that we find people complain about specifically. The first is […]

Not So Common Elbow Pain

Today’s topic is some of the less common causes of elbow pain. When we look at treating a joint, we always want to look above and below the joint itself for problems. In fact, two of the three areas we’re focusing on today aren’t even on the arm! To treat any of these areas, however, […]