Hip Pain: Navigating The Rehab Process

If you have hip pain, figuring out who to see to get your pain fixed can be a literal pain in your butt! The healthcare system is confusing and not set up for your or anyone else’s success. What follows is a simple step by step guide to get you back to doing what you […]

Top 3 Differences: PGA vs World Long Drive

When it comes to swinging fast and hitting the ball far, names like Dustin Johnson, Lexi Thompson and Brooks Koepka come to mind.  When I hear that, however, I have one question that always comes to my mind… Why are people talking about people who don’t crack 130 mph?   On the World Long Drive, […]

How Fast Do You Need to Swing to Play College Golf?

Playing college golf is the dream of most competitive junior golfers and their parents. There is tons of time, effort and money spent on the endeavor to give the junior golfer every possible opportunity to improve, learn and perform at their highest level. There are many unknowns for parents and the players as they start […]

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