How Do You Know When To Get Surgery?

How to know when to have surgery is one of the most common and challenging questions that a Physical Therapy Clinic sees. Here in Raleigh and Cary, we see tons of active individuals who hurt themselves playing golf, tennis, running and any number of other activities at local parks and courses. The number one thing […]

Overspeed Training – More Speed With Less Swings? – A 6 Week Study

The Effects of Reduced Overspeed Protocol Volume on Club Head Speed in Golfers – A 6-Week Study Prengle, B. Cassella, A. Finn, C. Graham, T. Sept 2018 – October 2018 As more data is collected, the importance of club head speed and driving distance cannot be disputed for both the professional and the recreational golfer. […]

Top 3 Exercise Golfers Do Wrong

There are so many exercises that a golfer can choose from when designing their workouts that is it overwhelming. Just think in the past year all of the exercises that have been demonstrated in magazines, on television and of course on YouTube and anywhere else you consume your social media. The crazy thing is that […]

The Best Online Golf Fitness Programs?

How do you know if an online fitness program is any good? What is the difference from one to another?   Are there different types of online fitness programs? Everywhere you look there is a new app or program to train remotely on your own, even programs specific for golf!  Technology and the internet have […]