How to Swing Faster – Science Behind the Speed

When it comes to increasing a golfer’s length off the tee, there is only really one number that matters…ball speed.  Once you have achieved the ball speed you want, then it is all about optimizing the launch angle etc that will maximize the distance for you off the tee. That being said, there are a […]

Ground Reaction Force Part 2

By Alex Cassella, Golf Performance Coach There are many training tools to use to increase Ground Reaction Forces. Here at Par4Success we use specific tests to asses our athletes’ power such as the Seated Medicine Ball Pass, the Shot-put throw, and Vertical Jump. These tests (minus the chest pass) focus on the athlete’s ability to […]

Ground Reaction Forces Applied to Golf – Part 1

PART 1:   The Strength and Conditioning world surrounding golf is growing, and we hear more and more about how athletes are working different focuses on becoming the most effective player they can be. What should we be training for in the gym? Why lift weights? What are the most effective and efficient ways to […]

How Can a Coach Help My Game?

Learning a new skill and mastering it is one of the most powerful human experiences we have. The challenges involved with solving new puzzles, fine-tuning new movements, and playing new games keeps our minds fresh and our bodies young. At some point in time, however, our own resources come up short – our natural abilities […]