Strength Training will DESTROY Your Game – True or False?

If you’ve been playing the game for long, you’ve probably been told that strength training for golfers will get you bulky, restrict your mobility and can even get you hurt so that you can’t play the game.  But how true is this argument? This is a contested topic on many media platforms and even among […]

Total Joint Replacement Recovery

Working with people who are in recovery from a total joint replacement is one of the more rewarding things we do at Par4Success.  We love helping our patients on their journey, especially after coming from a place of extreme pain and discomfort for months or even years leading up to their joint replacement surgery. If […]

Stroke Wellness Classes at Par4Success

Here at Par4Success, we have begun stroke wellness classes for those who have experienced a stroke.  When an individual suffers a neurological event like a stroke, it is life changing in more ways than one.  Obviously there is the physical element that you can’t miss, but there is also the emotional and mental side of […]

Fighting Parkinson’s Disease with Exercise at Par4Success

Parkinson’s Disease is a neurological degenerative condition that affects a million people across the country and in our backyard here in the Triangle. While there is no cure for Parkinson’s, there is a TON of research out there that has made one thing very clear: exercising in a specific way improves the quality of life […]