Make the Most of Your Medical Appointment

One step the wrong way and that all too familiar pain shot through my hip. I knew my face to face time with the hip specialist would be very limited. With a complex illness, my experience has taught me how to get the most out of my time with the doctor. Insurance based medical practices […]

Active Release Technique for the Golfer

There are many different methods to the madness when it comes to a golfer taking care of their body during before, during, and after (is there such a thing?) the golf season. Swing after swing, you are taking your body through a motion that it is not normally accustomed to in everyday life. When you […]

The Broken Bridge No One Talks About: The Knee

Knee pain is a problem that we see very commonly in golfers here at Par4Success. It’s an interesting problem because usually, the knee is not the real root of the problem, but the symptom that the golfer notices. Today, we’re  going to educate you on the causes of knee pain and how they affect your […]