Stretching and Golf

Quotes from the research… “Significant decreases in club head speed, distance, accuracy, and consistent ball contact were observed (immediately after stretching)…the static stretching warm-up treatment resulted in decreased driver performance in all dependent measures when compared with the active dynamic warm-up treatment.” Gergley, JC. Acute effects of Passive Stretching During Warmup on Driver Clubhead Speed, […]

How Balance Hurts Swing Speed

Should you be working on balance in the gym? Does it even matter for junior golfers?  Balance is just a problem that senior golfers have, right? Hmmmm… We all know that it takes a combination of the upper body and lower body coordinating together to have an effective golf swing. However, one aspect often overlooked […]

Take Control or Lose It!

I believe everyone should have the opportunity to play the game of golf at the level they want for as long as they want on their own terms; this is our belief and a driving principle at Par4Success. You spend hundreds of dollars each year (sometimes thousands) purchasing the newest equipment, playing in more tournaments […]