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1 Thing We Can Learn From Bryson Dechambeau’s Weight Gain

How is Bryson Changing the Game?

At Par4Success, our goal is to help every golfer swing the fastest, best, and safest they possibly can. Not only do we conduct our own research based on the 1,000’s of golfers we’ve worked with, but we also look at what brings success to players at the highest level, such as U.S. Open Champion Bryson Dechambeau, who recently gained weight and swing speed, and is now hitting the ball at record distances.

During the quarantine period of the 2020 PGA season, Bryson massively overhauled his body in an effort to gain weight and swing speed to be able to hit the ball as far as possible. All while maintaining or even increasing his accuracy off the tee! Prior to this, Bryson was no slouch, having won multiple times on the PGA Tour and other high level events. However, his goal was to compete week-in and week-out, even if say his putting was not at the top of his game. Since then, he has 2 wins and 4 other Top-10 finishes, undoubtedly a high level of success for any golfer!

What Did He Change?

Despite the talks of different equipment, longer shafts, and one-length irons, the biggest changes Bryson made were gaining serious muscle mass, and swinging with massive intent at the golf ball. While we aren’t here to change what your swing looks like, our expertise lies in helping people of all ages, whether that is a competitive junior golfer or a retired local club champion, achieve their optimal body for gaining swing speed.

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Does everyone need to gain weight to increase swing speed?

One of the most common questions we get is if gaining weight is important for every golfer to swing faster, which is always met with a resounding “no”! If you don’t assess where your current strength, flexibility and speed numbers lie, you cannot get a solid idea of where you need to focus your efforts. Unlike Bryson, the majority of people we work with have a limited amount of time to work on building strength and power, so being as efficient as possible is very important!

How we assess golfers differently to gain an advantage on the course

Our evaluation process at Par4Success is unique. Our in-person assessments take golfers through a KVEST analysis, where we use specialized sensors to understand how and how fast your body is moving to determine what is happening during your golf swing. With this information, we can design a program based on your strengths and weaknesses. For our remote clients, we use the lessons we’ve learned from the KVEST to create our Home Assessment that guides our custom virtual programs. You can take the Home Assessment and sign up for a free call to discuss your results by following this link – Adult Home Assessment.

Interestingly, we have been able to go back through our huge database of golfers on the KVEST system and glean new information based on the progress Bryson Dechambeau made not only with his massive increase in swing speed, but his impressive strength gains as well.

Work Easier for More Swing Speed

KVEST provides a ton of useful information, but one of the most important is a golfer’s peak hip speeds. By looking at the speed itself, as well as the timing of that peak, we can see a lot about a golfer’s potential to get faster!

Take a look at the golfers below. When going back into our database to understand how Bryson gained over 10 mph of average club speed on Tour, I wanted to look at some male golfers with different club speeds, and what I found was really interesting!

GolferPeak Hip Speed (deg/sec)
A637 deg/sec
B508 deg/sec
C425 deg/sec
D424 deg/sec

When I show this table to people, their first inclination is that Golfer A, who is moving at a peak of 637 deg/sec (well above average on the PGA Tour!) is swinging the fastest!

Look at another table to see if this information changes your mind…don’t scroll down to ruin the surprise.

GolferPeak Hip Speed (deg/sec)Bodyweight
A637 deg/sec159 lbs
B508 deg/sec80 lbs
C425 deg/sec188 lbs
D424 deg/sec225 lbs

Armed with this table, you might change your mind, or you might not. What we want to show is just how hard some athletes have to work in order to gain club speed. 

A Quick Note – is all weight good?

I would highly recommend you check out our articles by our in-house nutrition expert and Performance Director, Alex. Obviously, not all weight is good weight, and we want to emphasize gaining muscle size while minimizing fat gain. Another interesting measurement would be each of these athlete’s body fat percentage and while we don’t have those numbers, all of these athletes would classify as having a healthy body composition, or amount of body fat vs. muscle they have.

The Final Tally – Gain Weight to Gain Club Speed!

Here is the last table, with each athlete’s club speed.

GolferPeak Hip Speed (deg/sec)Bodyweight (lbs)Club Speed (mph)
A637 deg/sec159 lbs113.0 mph
B508 deg/sec80 lbs78.6 mph
C425 deg/sec188 lbs108.0 mph
D424 deg/sec225 lbs124.9 mph

Can We All Gain like Bryson?

While not everyone is going to reach 135 mph of club head speed, we at Par4Success certainly believe almost every golfer can (and should) work on their bodies to increase their golf performance. Based on our database, most golfers can swing much faster than they currently are if they take part in a well-designed exercise program! 

Bryson’s biggest contribution so far may be that the average and especially the above-average golfer can see that with a dedicated, smart plan, they can not only enjoy the game more, but play better and feel better too. 

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