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Looking for a Targeted, Focused and Guaranteed Results Oriented Program

You Want a Program That Adds Yards and Years to Your Golf Game

You Want a Program That Improves Flexibility Specific For Golf

You Hate Losing To Your Friends on the Course Or You Want to Play at the Next Level

You Feel Like You're Game Isn't Where You Want It To Be

If you can relate to any of the above, then keep reading....Our Program is For You!

Traditionally, the most common method to play better golf was a combination of taking lessons and more practice

Although this approach seems logical, it is the very reason many golfers end up injured and rarely reach their potential

Why? Simply, because if your body can't do what you are asking it to, no amount of practice or lessons will help. You are forced to physically compensate leading to inconsistency and injury.

If you're ready for your customized 1 on 1 golf fitness plan, schedule a complimentary golf fitness discovery session today!

Are You Playing Your Best Golf?

Four Key Areas of Focus

Improve Your Body & Game Like Thousands of Others Have
1 on 1 Training Can Include...

Custom Golf Fitness Program - Nutrition Coaching - Physical Therapy - Golf Massage & More

Customized Golf Fitness Program Just For You

Par4Success Physical Therapy and Golf Fitness Center approaches golf conditioning in a truly sport specific manner.

Our program is built entirely upon the principles of functional, multi-planar, multi-joint movements and our program is 100% research based.

Unlike exercise programs developed upon a bodybuilding format, or upon muscle isolation exercises, our programs are designed to restore balance, lengthen, strengthen and coordinate movement patterns specific to the golf swing.

The human brain does not think in terms of isolated muscles. Instead, it recruits groups of muscles in uniquely programmed sequences.

A golfer’s conditioning program must therefore be designed to integrate the whole body.


Why Work With Us?

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Guaranteed Results - Our Average Member Gains 10 Yards in 10 Weeks Or Less

Multidisciplinary Approach to Monitor All Members' Progress

Retesting 3x/year to Monitor Progress and Adjust Programming

We Take Your Health and Your Game Seriously - We Can't Wait To See You Reach Your Goals