In Person Golf Performance Training

“I am very pleased with my progress over the last 15 months and highly recommend Par4success to get your game back to where it once was or to the next level. – Dennis Dellinger

Physical Therapy

“Amazing!! I visited Par4Success last week after experiencing severe lower back pain. They identified the issue quickly, provided immediate relief. Now we’ll work on strengthening so I can continue to play golf several times a week.” – Mike Donoghue

Virtual Golf Performance Training

“Just started a few weeks ago, things are going great. I really like the diversity of exercises, the simple videos, the phone APP, and of course, the one-on-one coaching…not to mention the mobility and speed gains!” – Brian Killough

Industry Leaders

Largest Research Database in the World, 50+ Div 1 Junior Golfers, Golfers in 12+ Countries, Golf Digest Top 50, Worldwide Presenter, Published Authors, Given over 3,000 Golfers MORE DISTANCE, MORE LONGEVITY, & LESS PAIN

What Golfers Are Saying…

Chris and his entire team are outstanding!  I especially like working with this team because they are Physical Therapists, therefore you can be confident your physical well-being is paramount. We discussed my medical history and came up with a perfect plan that made sense for me. 

Donna Friend

I’ve been working with Tyler at Par4 for about a month now with a custom virtual program. He has me on a balanced program for my age that is already producing longer shots. I’m a big fan!

Dana Horton

Suffered a hip injury in February, in May I still felt strong discomfort on the course and off. Worked with Bobby using tele-PT and two weeks later I am mostly pain-free and turning into my left leg properly. This will be my first call for any future challenges.

Rob McCoy

I am a senior golfer and was experiencing hip pain. After unsuccessful visits with a typical physical therapist I went to Par4success. After just a few weeks, my hip pain decreased significantly. I am now hitting the ball farther and straighter and playing without pain!
Janie Sutton

I have fully committed to this program. Tyler has been doing a great job keeping me going. I played 4 rounds last week and I noticed a huge difference in my mobility and the fact I was able to still walk when I was finished told me it’s working. I highly recommend Par4Success to anyone who is taking golf serious or wants to live a painless life.

Jason Mitchum

Great Jr. Program that helps young golfers build the necessary physical foundation to support high golf swing speeds needed for todays players. Chris and his team at Par4Success are data driven and uniquely understand each persons strengths & weaknesses which enables a custom plan that addresses need while also protecting players from injury. Highly recommend.

Rick Patterson

I drove down to Par4Success for the in-person evaluation and for the next 2 hours learned a lot about myself. I discovered that I have very little hip mobility: go figure I’ve have both hips replaced!  Since then I have seen big gains in mobilty, consistenty and distance!
I highly recommend Par4Success to anyone looking to really improve their game from the body to the club, to the ball!
Don Kerrigan

Was introduced to Par4Success by my son’s golf instructor and I was blown away by the evaluation to determine the areas he needs to focus on to improve. My son is super excited about his workout program delivered on the app on his phone and is enjoying the workouts. Chris and his team were very impressive and I look forward to watching my son get better through their program!
Robbie Wooten