• "My swing speed has increased and I am now able to hit it farther. I have a stronger core, much more flexibility and feel great, all thanks to Par4Success."

    Richard Davis (Governors Club, Old Chatham Golf Club)

Yoga for Golfers

This supplemental class that we host throughout the week is the perfect fit for those looking to gain more flexibility for their golf game while also working on stability.

This is the ONLY class that has open enrollment at Par4Success.  This means that non-members can attend without having a full membership.

We also offer your first class free so that you can try it out and see what it is about.  Come and check it out today!

Some areas of focus include:

  • Breath Work
  • Hip Opening
  • Spine/Core Work
  • Hamstring Work
  • Balance
  • Mat Work
  • Savansa



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"Chris has helped me with my flexibility and injuries with results that have improved my golf swing and distance as well as my overall fitness. His knowledge and expertise is impressive"

Chuck Reuben

Raleigh, NC

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