• I have struggled with a back issue for many years and I have been to three other physical therapists with little or no results. After my second visit at Par4Success, I had so much relief from constant back pain. They spend a full hour with you and only you and do a lot of hands on work. It is a very different experience, one that works.

    Eizabeth Jandorek

Physical Therapy

“While working in both hospital based and private outpatient sports medicine clinics I was frustrated by the limited time I was able to spend with my clients due to the constraints forced upon the patient by the insurance company.  Unfortunately, I saw these limitations lead to longer recovery times and higher client bills.”

Chris Finn, Owner Par4Success



Our mission is to provide the highest quality Physical Therapy care based on research and experience as the Physical Therapist sees fit; not the payer.

Our clients always:

  • Receive 60 minute 1 on 1 sessions with their Physical Therapist
  • Experience faster recovery times
  • Spend less money over the course of their Physical Therapy experience


Areas of Physical Therapy Focus and Services: 

Trigger Point Dry Needling (Read FAQ)

Complex Cases

Post-Operative Hip, Knee, Shoulder Care

Non-Operative Hip, Knee, Shoulder, Athletic Neck & Back Pain

Golf Injuries and Performance

Contact and Team Sport Injuries

Return to Sport (RTS) Performance Training After Physical Therapy Discharge

Manual Therapy

Your Recovery Starts Here

"Started working out here almost two years ago. My goal was to have a "golf specific" work-out that kept me engaged. My experience has far exceeded my expectations. Staff are excellent communicators, but their knowledge of golf mechanics and proper golf specific exercises are unparalleled. I would highly recommend Par4Success to any golfer who wants to maximize one's potential."

Ben W

Raleigh, NC

Our Clients