• "Chris has a fantastic approach that works with your schedule and limitations to maximize your results within your time frame. His knowledge and professionalism let you know you are getting the best care and the correct approach"

    John H. Marino, PGA Director of Operations Old Chatham Golf Club


Our Elite Golf Program is for Professionals and high level Collegiate Golfers including Div 1, 2 & 3, Mini-Tours, Web.com Tour, Symetra Tour, LPGA Tour, European Tours & the PGA Tour.

As an Elite Golfer, you are making the game your livelihood and you have needs that are beyond the average golfer. You require a team around you all year that is dedicated to you and as invested in your success as you are…
we are that team.

Your program will be customized to your specific needs based on a number of factors including travel, tournament schedule, nutritional needs, swing coach’s input, injury risk/history, performance goals, fitness experience, performance and evaluative testing, and other factors.

It all starts with a 2-3 hour initial evaluation that includes:

  • Athletic performance testing
  • Golf specific assessment and testing
  • 3-D swing efficiency and biomechanical evaluation
  • Medical orthopedic evaluation
  • Nutrition
  • Schedule Planning
  • Mobile Coaching Plan for when you’re on the road
  • Communication with your swing coach, mental coach and anyone else on your team.

After the initial session, we discuss the best plan of action and develop a clear and concise yearly periodized plan that supports your game and your goals so that you can focus on what you need to do to win.

You can also be confident that all aches and pains throughout the season will be well managed and avoided whenever possible by collaboration of your expert Golf Specific Performance and Physical Therapy team at Par4Success.

We recognize that training in our facility is not a viable option for all Elite athletes who travel in to see us. For that reason, we have developed the ability to work with you remotely while you are on the road and between visits to our facility. We can progress programs and keep in touch with you via our mobile coaching program year round to meet in real time even if we are 3,000 miles away!

We do have a limited number of sponsorship spots available for Professionals to help with the cost of training and support. Contact us for pricing as all Professionals have varying needs.

Your Path to Better Starts Here

"Having a coach is important to learning the swing mechanics, but unlike you guys at Par4Success, they can't tell that the reason your hips are coming forward at address is due to my tight calf! I have found your knowledge invaluable and everyone's dedication to my own personal success in my golf game priceless.

Raegan, 16

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