• I just shot my lowest round in years at the Golden Bear Golf Course at Hilton Head Island today thanks to our work together!

    Bill Mattern


5 Benefits of Exercise for Adults

  1. Increased Energy Levels
  2. Improved Brain Function
  3. Ideal Work-Life Balance
  4. Learn How to Work Through Discomfort
  5. Sharpens Focus

As a high powered Professional there are many people that depend on your success and our Coaches design your Performance Fitness programs with that  in mind. We work hard for you to make sure you get what you need in a time efficient and results driven manner so you can be there for everyone who needs you.

Not Your Typical Gym

We pride ourselves on doing things differently…or as we like to think of it, the right way.  EVERY member receives the below included in their membership. No hidden charges or fees.

1) Fitness assessment and functional movement screen in order to assure that we can program your workouts appropriately

2) One on one 30 minute coaching session every 6 weeks to develop and progress your individual program

3) Unlimited small group classes (4 adults max per class) every week

4) Custom Programming

5) Supervised open gym time daily outside of classes

6) Physical Therapy discounts

7) Use of golf simulators equipped with 3D Doppler Radar Technology

About the Program


We work as your comprehensive team to assure you reach your goal and make sure you are on the appropriate individualized program to promote longevity, performance and enjoyment so you can hurt less and play better!

Par4Success Adult & Senior golfers are active, health minded athletes who play golf and are not content with losing distance and playing with pain.

We support this mindset through a variety of different plans & options to fit every adult/seniors’ needs and abilities. Our programs are guaranteed to work for you and when they do, you see improvements in your health, fitness and golf game; all under the roof of one comprehensive and individualized program.

While the best results are experienced by our year round members, we do offer a popular shorter term program outlined below for those not sure they want to make the full commitment upfront.

6 Week Golf Performance Camps

We have found that 6 weeks is the minimum time to make a significant change in how adult golfers move so that it positively affects their golf game and their health.

During this intensive 6 week program, we focus on improving your body wherever the needs lie.  It may be flexibility, strength, power, balance, sequencing or any number of issues.

Regardless of the what, we identify why it is present and show you how to train it into a strength instead of a barrier. The outline of the 6 week program is below:

Phase 1 – Screen or Evaluation
The 6 week program starts with undergoing a 20 minute golf specific physical screen in order to gain baseline understandings of your history, goals and needs. This is a brief screen and is included in the tuition.  It does NOT include 3-D bio-mechanical swing analysis or the full physical performance testing that is included in the full 2 hour evaluation.

All participants are able to upgrade to the full 2 hour golf specific evaluation for a more complete understanding of their games and body at additional cost.  It includes 3-D bio-mechanical swing evaluation, full golf performance testing, complete TPI Golf Fitness screen and more.

Phase 2 – Train & Practice
After the screen or evaluation, you meet with our expert golf fitness coaching staff over the next 6 weeks in small group settings (no more than 4 golfers in each session) so that we can work on you reaching your goals and make adjustments to your home program as needed.

In addition to your unlimited small group classes, you also will have access to our facility between sessions where you can partake in guided training sessions or use our simulator and hitting bays to maximize your results.

Phase 3 – Reassess, Results & Continue to Improve
As your 6 weeks come to a close, you will meet 1 on 1 with our staff to reassess your progress, see your results and give you your independent plan to continue with.

While most adults join this program with the initial goal of building a program to take to their home club/gym, about 65% of graduating Adults/Seniors actually stay on as full time members.

When asked why they stayed, the responses are pretty similar;

“Because the results I have seen are more than I could have hoped for”

“The facilities are so much better here”

“The experience I’ve had with the staff and coaches has been amazing”

Many of those that don’t join as full time members actually return throughout the season for program updates and many re-enroll for another 6 week program at some point later in the season.

No matter your level or age, we will guide you to healthier living and better golf.

We are starting new camps every week which means you can start at any time!

"As a new business owner, this was exactly what I needed. Chris outlined every aspect of business including marketing, how to develop systems to manage the daily flow, staff management, client programming, and more.

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