• "Par4Success is the best at what they do and I recommend them without hesitation. When lessons aren't paying off, the missing connection is, "Can your body perform the necessary motion to improve your golf game?"

    Karl Kimball, Director of Golf Hillandale Golf Course

Golf Fitness

Which Are You?

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All of our Golf Fitness clients undergo a comprehensive assessment which includes:

  • 3-D Biomechanical Swing Assessment so we have a blueprint of your swing
  • Head to toe physical assessment so we have a blueprint of your body
  • Golf Specific Flexibility, Balance, Power and Mobility Testing so we know exactly what you need to perform on the course

Putting Your Plan Together

  • We custom make every client/member’s plan and update it regularly so you are always doing what YOU need

Golf Performance's Next Level

Channing was just fitted for new clubs and we had to share our excitement over her progress since joining. She previously hit her driver 173-186 yards and after 2 months working out with you, she's hitting it 230 yards. Her swing speed has increased markedly and her flexibility is improving.

Angela (mother of Channing)

Our Clients