"Your Solution to Passive Revenue and Better Client Results"

 Limited Partnerships Available

Passive Revenue. Active Growth.

How Does It Work? 

1. Apply to be a partner

2. If accepted, decide how many golfer accounts you want to start with (10 minimum)

3. Each golfer who signs up through you receives 30 days of custom programming FREE  

4. You receive a monthly payment for each golfer you have working with us, even during their free 30 days

5. After initial 30 days, each golfer that continues to work with us earns you a bonus on top of your monthly payments

6. We continue to meet with every golfer virtually to assess them physically and determine necessary program updates 

7. Your golfers continue working with us, seeing results and you continue to receive payments every month

8. Satisfaction Guaranteed  


What do my clients need to get started? For the Live online video assessments, you will need a desktop, laptop, smartphone or tablet, with an internet connection. We use a web based video conferencing software that does not require you to sign up for anything. Your personalized golf fitness workout will be delivered via our app daily and is free to download from the app store and is accessible on any computer, tablet, or smartphone. We will make sure you can access everything during the onboarding process so you are all set to go.  

How much room do they need? For the Live online sessions, we recommend an area at least 8 x 10 feet.  

Does it matter what skill level my golfers are? Nope! Our exercises are designed for players from beginners to tour professionals. Our programs are specific to you and what is most beneficial to your body and swing to get your game to the next level.  

Does it have to be a wireless network connection? A wireless network connection is not required. Any device that can connect to the internet will work, but connecting through a network (directly or wireless) is recommended.  

Is there an appropriate starting age? Generally, if your child is 10 or older and actively involved in playing golf, then they are old enough to benefit from our Coaching programs. However, for players under the age of 13 we require a parent or guardian to participate in the online portion of the Live online coaching sessions to insure clarity and safety as well as to determine if the junior is mature and commited enough for our programs.  

Can I have Chris as My Coach For This Program? We have an incredible staff of committed professionals hand-picked and rigorously trained by Chris to reach as many players as possible around the world. Chris is in very high demand and spends a lot of the year on the road. When he is home at our Performance Center in Raleigh, his responsibilities to local players and his family make it difficult for him to reach many people online. He is available by special request, but the typical waiting time can be up to 8 weeks. An additional fee is also required.  

Will my golfers have time for your program? If you have 15-30 minutes at least 3 times a week to do your workouts, then you’ll be able to see some exciting changes!  

How long should I expect before they see results? Most players begin to feel changes within 2-4 weeks. Results do vary based on each player’s individual focus points, available time, and commitment. To be honest, however, you WILL NOT see results if you don't put in the work.  

How do I send videos? Within our app you have the ability to send videos, pictures and text messages directly to your coach in the private chat room between you and them.  

What equipment do I need to complete your workout programs? Your programs are 100% custom designed to what you need and ALSO to what equipment you have. You do NOT need a full gym membership. Depending on the goal, your coach may recommend small equipment purchases but overall, when we say custom, it is custom!  

Do I call you when it is time for my Live Assessment? Prior to the live meeting time, you will receive an email invite and confirmation link to access the private video meeting room. All you need to do is click on the link in the email 5 minutes before the meeting time and you will be all set to go. Sometimes there is a requirement to download a video plug in, but it does not take longer than 3 minutes if required depending on your device or browser.