Massage For Golf

Massage specific to the needs of a golfer is a much needed and necessary service that is not offered ANYWHERE else by a TPI-Certified Licensed Massage Therapist…except at Par4Success.

Our Massage Therapist specialized in working with golfers as well as Active Release Techniques which are one of the top preferences by touring professionals.

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My son, Ryan, has gained 20 lbs of lean muscle in 6 months. He started working with Par4Success when he was 14, and immediately increased swing speed, improved balance and gained distance without modifying his swing fundamentals. Par4Success understands child development and they work well with juniors. He has increased his swing speed by almost 15 MPH without loss of accuracy, gained flexibility, is physically stronger and eats healthier because he had seen positive results. If your child want to play college golf, you want them to be involved in a golf specific training program. Every coach that we have met with has asked about physical conditioning and training specific to golf. Par4Success is TPI Certified and Chris is a Licensed Physical Therapist as well. If your child is motivated to play better golf, the Par4Success guys will help them take leaps forward.

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