Sleep: The Natural Performance Enhancer

Competitive golfers in my facility often play 20+ tournaments a year and very few of them are within a 30-minute drive from their home.  In fact, many of them are 3+ hour trips.  If that player is a junior, they often leave Friday after school, arrive at a hotel late that night and then tee […]

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How Do You Identify as a Golfer?

  Normally this is time of year we would be talking about keeping up your fitness plan during the season, how to eat when you play, appropriate practice schedule or how to hit with more power.  Today is not that day.  Today we are going on a different journey, into the mind to do some […]

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tilt turn

Flexibility: Perception or Reality?

Perception and reality…two entities that receive a lot of attention in the mental performance world.  In golf, often they are two TOTALLY different entities, not even in the same universe, which is why working to connect the two can be so valuable to performance improvement. In the world of golf fitness and performance, often this […]

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Olympic Lifting – Power for Golf

What if I told you golf was was an explosive sport, just like sprinting?  In fact, the golf swing is even more explosive than a sprint, because it is a much shorter duration.  The average PGA Tour back swing is .75 seconds, with a .25 second downswing.  That is a 1 second movement!  How can […]

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New Years Resolution 2016

As time passes, we, as former athletes look back on our illustrious careers and often utter the question “If I only knew then what I know now, how much better would I have been?”.   Yes. Guilty as charged. Looking back, what would I have done differently?  I would have done a ton of mobility. […]

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Take Control or Lose It!

I believe everyone should have the opportunity to play the game of golf at the level they want for as long as they want on their own terms; this is our belief and a driving principle at Par4Success. You spend hundreds of dollars each year (sometimes thousands) purchasing the newest equipment, playing in more tournaments […]

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Balance and Golf

We all know that it takes a combination of the upper body and lower body coordinating together to have an effective golf swing. However, one aspect often overlooked in golf is how we transfer from the right to the left (in a right-handed golfer) from downswing to follow through. This is where improving your balance […]

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Stretching and Golf

Quotes from the research… “Significant decreases in club head speed, distance, accuracy, and consistent ball contact were observed (immediately after stretching)…the static stretching warm-up treatment resulted in decreased driver performance in all dependent measures when compared with the active dynamic warm-up treatment.” Gergley, JC. Acute effects of Passive Stretching During Warmup on Driver Clubhead Speed, […]

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TheeDesign Launched Our New WordPress Website

Par4Success is proud to announce the launch of our newly redesigned website, built by TheeDesign, a Raleigh web design and internet marketing company. Our newly redesigned website is built around WordPress, a powerful and easy to use content management system that allows our team to make content, image and video updates with just a few […]

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When I saw you offered a 60 day mobility program for $29 I bought it. I'm just over two weeks in and my shoulders have never felt better. Again over the course of the past 4 years I have gotten fairly bulky so it was an amazing feeling after the first shoulder mobility day how loose and low my shoulders felt.

Derek Jordan

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