Balance and Golf

We all know that it takes a combination of the upper body and lower body coordinating together to have an effective golf swing. However, one aspect often overlooked in golf is how we transfer from the right to the left (in a right-handed golfer) from downswing to follow through. This is where improving your balance […]

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Stretching and Golf

Quotes from the research… “Significant decreases in club head speed, distance, accuracy, and consistent ball contact were observed (immediately after stretching)…the static stretching warm-up treatment resulted in decreased driver performance in all dependent measures when compared with the active dynamic warm-up treatment.” Gergley, JC. Acute effects of Passive Stretching During Warmup on Driver Clubhead Speed, […]

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TheeDesign Launched Our New WordPress Website

Par4Success is proud to announce the launch of our newly redesigned website, built by TheeDesign, a Raleigh web design and internet marketing company. Our newly redesigned website is built around WordPress, a powerful and easy to use content management system that allows our team to make content, image and video updates with just a few […]

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Your Path to Better Starts Here

"I am a big fan of Par 4 Success. I experienced major back & hip pain this summer that was not getting better. Par4Success correctly identified my physical problems and also my flawed swing as a major cause of my pain. Working with a golf professional to correct my golf swing, Par4Success fixed my body with the end result of no pain, 15-20 yards longer off the tee and a lower and moving lower handicap. I am happy I experienced my back & hip issues this year because thanks to Par 4 Success; I have a better golf swing, playing better golf and having more fun golfing.

Mike McKee

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