Soft Tissue Techniques

 Within the body, there are many muscles which are surrounded by fascia. Fascia is similar to ligaments and tendon, in that it is formed primarily of collagen. Fascia’s role in the body is to attach to muscles, enclose them, and separate them. Deep fascia is the dense fibrous connective tissue that is flexible and provides […]

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Screenings and Performance

Screens have become a popular trend in sports medicine in an attempt to keep players from injury and improve on-field performance. A very recent article in the British Journal of Sports Medicine by Roald Bahr put these screening methods into question, calling to light the complexity of understanding injury risk and possible risk factors in such […]

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External vs. Internal Cues

One of the most useful aspects of working with a coach or therapist is the ability for someone else to objectively examine your movement and correct it, which often comes in the form of providing cues. While these cues can seem silly or random, providing proper cues is a complex process that takes into account […]

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Be Inspired, Not Intimidated

When Theodore Roosevelt said, “Comparison is the thief of joy,” he probably wasn’t talking about the gym or the golf course. However, these are good words to keep in mind every time I step onto the gym floor to work out. Seeing our very youngest juniors hopping over hurdles and jumping onto stacks of plyo […]

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Pre-Round Routine: Who Are You?

The early season has been great for Par4Success athletes as they have accounted for over 20 Top 10 finishes and over 10 individual medalist and tournament wins.  Even with all of this success, we need to continue improving.  On that note, I have seen some interesting trends in this young 2016 season at the events […]

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Seeing the Transformation

The best thing about what we do is watching a novice athlete transform into an animal in the gym.  I’m not necessarily talking about gaining 50 pounds of muscle, but the mental attitude, the “want” factor that becomes more visible every time they come to train.  The fact is most of our athletes are very, […]

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Sleep: The Natural Performance Enhancer

Competitive golfers in my facility often play 20+ tournaments a year and very few of them are within a 30-minute drive from their home.  In fact, many of them are 3+ hour trips.  If that player is a junior, they often leave Friday after school, arrive at a hotel late that night and then tee […]

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How Do You Identify as a Golfer?

  Normally this is time of year we would be talking about keeping up your fitness plan during the season, how to eat when you play, appropriate practice schedule or how to hit with more power.  Today is not that day.  Today we are going on a different journey, into the mind to do some […]

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Flexibility: Perception or Reality?

Perception and reality…two entities that receive a lot of attention in the mental performance world.  In golf, often they are two TOTALLY different entities, not even in the same universe, which is why working to connect the two can be so valuable to performance improvement. In the world of golf fitness and performance, often this […]

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Olympic Lifting – Power for Golf

What if I told you golf was was an explosive sport, just like sprinting?  In fact, the golf swing is even more explosive than a sprint, because it is a much shorter duration.  The average PGA Tour back swing is .75 seconds, with a .25 second downswing.  That is a 1 second movement!  How can […]

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