Active Release Technique

What is Active Release Technique?

There are many different methods to the madness when it comes to taking care of your body and decreasing pain.  Each day, we move our bodies through motions, and sometimes, those motions stray from usual every day functions.  Golfing, swimming, dancing, etc are all activities that challenge our bodies.  As we perform these activities over […]

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Spaghetti and fork

What is Dry Needling?

What is dry needling?   This is a question we get all the time and it is a fair one.  To be honest, we didn’t know what it was 5 years ago!  It has come onto the healthcare scene like a tornado out of nowhere, and it is one of the largest game changers in […]

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Girl hits volleyball.

Eccentric Training: How Moving Slow Can Make You Explosive

The Health and Performance Benefits of Eccentric Focused Training Introduction Many have probably heard the saying, “You have to train fast to be fast.” In the world of sports performance, however, very little is that cut and dry. In the past month, my athletes have been training very slowly, particularly in the lowering phase of […]

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Myth Crushing

Hack 5 of 5: Debunk the Top Myth of Physical Therapy

Here is the #1 statement we have heard over the years and the truth that actually exists.   “My doctor wants me to see his therapist so that’s who I have to see.”   You do NOT have to go to the therapist your doctor recommends!  In fact, it is AGAINST THE LAW for doctors […]

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PT and patient

Hack 4/5: Decipher the Great Clinician from the Average

Is this Therapist or Doctor Any Good? Here’s some industry insider knowledge: not all certified and licensed professionals are created equal.  Everyone on the Google search list is likely licensed and they all have tons of letters after their name, but letters are not a high priority on your list of selecting a provider. There […]

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notepad question mark at physical therapy clinic

Hack 2 of 5 to Crush Pain and Save Money: Ask the Right Questions

These 4 questions will give you more insight into a clinic than almost every other consumer out there. These are the questions we tell our mothers to ask before they schedule an appointment with any medical provider near them. If these are good enough for our moms, they are definitely good enough for you! Top […]

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Hack 1 of 5 to Stop Pain with Less Cost: Insider Knowledge

Choosing the right Physical Therapist and right therapy practice is no small task and should not be taken lightly. When we typed in “Physical Therapist near me” into Google, we saw over 37 million results!!! It is incredibly overwhelming. How do you know one from the other? How do you know if they are any […]

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How Well Does Your Body Move through the Golf Swing?

The golf swing is a complex movement that involves proper sequencing and timing of the body in order to hit the ball as far, and accurately, as possible. The best players in the world do this well and consistently. However, every one of their swings looks different. With such a variety of swing styles, how […]

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7 Stages of Long Term Athletic Development

Individuals can experience failed attempts to participate in organized sports when too much emphasis is placed on competition and not enough attention on developing proper athleticism (appropriate movement skills). If you have limited movement skills, you stop participating. Neglect leads to decreased interest in physical activity and failure to develop physical literacy, proper training to […]

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My vertical is up 8 inches, my quickness and agility tests have dropped over 2 seconds and my reaction speed had gotten dramatically better. Since they have the background knowledge of playing and training college basketball, they create a workout plan personalized for basketball specific motions and movements.

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