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Better In One Physical Therapy Visit or It’s Free

The fact of the matter is that in Physical Therapy if the Physical Therapist is not able to improve how you are feeling even slightly in one session, the Physical Therapist should give you that session for FREE. Yes, FREE Why? Because if you spend your time and put your trust in someone who says […]

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Planning Your Pre-Round Routine

Pre-round routines can be a very confusing topic, and, surprisingly, is they are one of the harder topics for high-level players to master. For amateurs, it can be even more daunting.   If you think about how you prepare for a business meeting or a test in school, generally we all have a routine that […]

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Not So Common Elbow Pain

Elbow pain is an epidemic in the world today particularly with the number of hours spent on mobile devices and computers. Beyond the workplace, elbow pain is also a widespread injury in the game of golf. Today will discuss some not-so-common causes of elbow pain that are often missed when first looked at and, if […]

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Learning to Touch Your Toes in Less than 5 Minutes!

Other than maybe having some difficulty getting the ball out of the hole, it’s not intuitive why being able to touch your toes is important for your golf game. Not only will we explain why it is important, we will also explain how you can fix this problem in less than five minutes.   The Why […]

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Playing Smarter with a Complex Illness

In medical school, doctors are taught the saying, “If you hear hoofbeats, think horses, not zebras.” The rare and unusual diseases are exciting to a new doctor, but they will most likely see the same ailments over and over again. They will see horses, not exotic zebras. It was only a few years ago that […]

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Golf Fitness on the Go

                  Let’s face it, free time to incorporate a golf fitness program is something that many golfers just don’t have.   Juniors are bogged down with homework and practice.   Adults are overwhelmed with work and family obligations.   Seniors are busy trying to get all the […]

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Who Ordered the Soft Tissues and Dry Needles?

When we hear the mention of a “tight” muscle, many of us think of something being physically shorter than it should be. This is not always the case, and the tight description can sometimes take on a bit of a confusing description. When muscles are “tight,” they are not only in their shortened state, but […]

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Hip Mechanics

“Your handicap may lie, but your hips don’t”. -Shakira   Okay, so maybe my memory of Shakira lyrics leaves a little bit to interpretation, but one thing is for sure, our golf swing starts from the ground up in more ways than one. The first large rotary center (very important thing) that we reach on […]

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