We believe that everyone has the right to be better.  We believe in working with people to achieve their better.  We believe in challenging the status quo when it stands in the way of better.  We live everyday to help all our clients be better.

Every single one of our clients receives an individual assessment and program specific to them and their goals.  Our staff of licensed Physical Therapists and certified golf fitness specialists work with every client to assure they have the exact program that they need at every point of the year.

We believe in using intelligent programming based on the latest research to affect amazing positive changes and the results of clients averaging over 10 yard gains off the tee and being pain free speak for themselves.

Our Physical Therapy program challenges the status quo as we see every client for 60 minutes 1 on1.  There are no aides and no competing with 3 other people for your therapist’s attention.  Unlike in-network clinics we are able to care about YOU 100% without concern for third party restrictions.

Our state of the art hitting bays, simulator and 6,000 sq ft facility give you an unfair advantage when it comes to game improvement 365 no matter the weather.

Our #1 priority is you and we are always here for you no matter what you need.  Thanks for visiting us and our website, we are excited to learn more about how we can help you.

Par4Success is incredible. They apply a completely science based approach to meeting your individual goals. I am a remote client and through the use of technology it is as close as I can get to being in person as possible. If your goal is to improve your overall health and fitness while also meeting your golf specific goals then Par4Success is the place for you.

Lee Weidauer

Online Client

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