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My son, Ryan, has gained 20 lbs of lean muscle in 6 months. He started working with Par4Success when he was 14, and immediately increased swing speed, improved balance and gained distance without modifying his swing fundamentals. Par4Success understands child development and they work well with juniors. He has increased his swing speed by almost 15 MPH without loss of accuracy, gained flexibility, is physically stronger and eats healthier because he had seen positive results. If your child want to play college golf, you want them to be involved in a golf specific training program. Every coach that we have met with has asked about physical conditioning and training specific to golf. Par4Success is TPI Certified and Chris is a Licensed Physical Therapist as well. If your child is motivated to play better golf, the Par4Success guys will help them take leaps forward.

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Raleigh, NC

Performance Experts

Juniors / Competitive Golfers:

“We help you gain the greatest athletic advantage possible and teach you how to maximize it independently.”

Adult / Senior Golfers:

“We help you play at your highest level longer without the need for pain pills, injections or surgery and educate you how to accomplish this independently.”

Amateur / Professional Basketball Players:

“We help you gain the greatest athletic advantage possible and teach you how to maximize it independently.”

Through intelligent programming based on the latest research, we affect amazing positive changes in performance.

Our individualized performance plans deliver improved sport performance, flexibility and strength that leave you feeling better and coming back for more.


Upcoming Events:

Free Injury Screening Clinics

As the golf season winds down, it is a good time to assess how your body has fared through these months of play. To help you check for early indicators of injuries and make a plan to address the areas of concern, we are offering Free Injury Screening Clinics on several Saturday mornings. Our Physical therapists and coaches will check your movement, flexibility, and strength for areas of concern. These Injury Screening Clinics are offered at no cost to anyone that wishes to attend.

You do not have to be an athlete or a golfer.  If you have pain or are concerned about potential injury these clinics are for you.

September 24 – 9-10am

October 8 – 9-10am

October 15 – 9-10am

Move Better. Swing Faster.

Hurt less

"Par4Success is the best at what they do and I recommend them without hesitation. When lessons aren't paying off, the missing connection is, "Can your body perform the necessary motion to improve your golf game?"

Karl Kimball, Director of Golf Hillandale Golf Course