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"Par4Success is the best at what they do and I recommend them without hesitation. When lessons aren't paying off, the missing connection is, "Can your body perform the necessary motion to improve your golf game?"

Karl Kimball, Director of Golf Hillandale Golf Course

Physical Therapy & Golf Fitness

“We help you gain the greatest athletic advantage possible and teach you how to maximize it independently.”

“We help you live & play at your highest level without the need for pain pills, injections or surgery.”

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Move Better. Swing Faster.

Hurt less

My vertical is up 8 inches, my quickness and agility tests have dropped over 2 seconds and my reaction speed had gotten dramatically better. Since they have the background knowledge of playing and training college basketball, they create a workout plan personalized for basketball specific motions and movements.

Braxton A

Raleigh, NC